12 darts and a lot of choices

I know Odin is coming around the corner, so I wanted to make sure I could get to at least 11 darts before I pulled the trigger on my current options.

Here’s the current maxed ones

Here are the candidates. I have a few duplicates at 3/70, but I want a few other options before I max any duplicates

Delilah would be useful. I have a lot of great minion heroes. Vivica with costume seems to be popular these days. I’ve seen other recommendations for Mica, but I haven’t come across him yet. Is he basically a 5* yellow Wilbur? I’ve tested him out a bit, but haven’t quite gotten the handle on him yet.

No real specific needs at the moment. Just want to max the best overall hero. Don’t think any of these will make my defense, so probably war depth would be the main use.

Without knowing the rest of other color heroes,…


I think Mica is not just great with bonus family, but also as standalone is also great I mean, I would level Mica, NInja’s heroes are basically a unique versatile with charge based mana, so as offense we can cast at any charge level we want.


Vivica reguler and costume is very very shine on rush rules, and solid use for raid, war, map.

Sir Roostley

Sir Roostley hard hitter like Killhare, I also have Sir Roostley but without any yellow version of Tibs.C and Rigard.C, I do not like SIr Roostley because He doesn’t have any friends (synergy).


She is great solid healer plus minnions on avarage, I like her for raid, war, map.



Your selection of heroes is a source of envy, man. I am drooling. And for that, I vote for Guardian Owl.


So many good candidate choices …
But don’t let those darts burn a hole in your pocket. If you can wait until next the costume chamber event, I would try for Leonidas costume and then do him.
Otherwise - Mica or Sir Roostley or Costume Vivica

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I have onyx maxed. I have the materials to max cobalt as well. Onyx was an easier decision, but I wanted to wait and see how the ninjas would play out since it’s such a new mechanic in the game.

Interesting thought on waiting for the new costumes. I’m not in any rush. I just have to stuff to max two at the moment so I was thinking about moving forward with one of them.

I get pretty streaky with these 4* mats. So who knows what will come next.

I agree, and also Valhalla has Odin this month (guessing), and later also have Thor.
But with 12 darts, if you anjoy the Ninja, Mica is great additional for the family bonus IMO.

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I use C. Vivica everywhere but talking about healers, Delilah can’t be wrong too. If you’re not looking into a healer I’d certainly load darts on Sir R. Or you can just wait until you pull for Odin, not mentioning February’s hero will be pretty good.

Heroes in the pocket are always better than thinking about who you might or might not get.

I’d go with either C.Vivica or Mica. Depends on whether you need 5* healers, that would be the deciding point with me.

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You have Leonidas and his costume will turn him from meh to yeah. I would personally save at least six for that possibility.


Yeah. But not to most players who spend chasing heroes. They have the cream-of-the-crop legendaries available in the game. I guess this is only especially true for those who are free-to-play.

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Clearly you’re hurting for yellows, I applaud your ability to scrape by with so few choices … :joy:

6 for Mica Or Costume Viv

Can’t go wrong with either …

Viv would probably be the choice that evens out the team IMO

But I agree, save 6 for C Leo — given what you have already… it’s a safe bet you’ll get him…

He’ll do more for you than Odin IMO

With Drake, W Rabbit, C Joon, etc already done — Lot of these are sexy but won’t add much in aggregate To yellow; and emblems will still be in short supply…

So depends in what your trying to do — ie Second yellow team Vs strongest yellow upgrade

Longshot vote for Roc …

Stop laughing

I’ll wait

Seriously — he cleanses yellow, closes a big gap — but he can do that at 3.70 — so no urgency

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get real he KNOWS who he will get LMAOOOOO

If maxing Ranvir would dramatically help your titan performance, I’d go for him. If not then I’d go for Mica, Vivica, or Delilah (and at the moment, I’m leaning towards Vivica).


According to Anchor’s grading sheet, Mica’s one of the best out there. A+. He doesn’t hand that grade out often. Mica’s rated higher than Delilah or C. Vivica. I wasn’t seeing it when Mica first appeared, though, and I admit I’m still kinda skeptical. I suppose I could see it on offense, though. He can keep the Wilbur effect going on your team from the very start with Charge 1, and he can preserve your crew until he manages to pull off Charge 3 and make you nearly invincible. If you bring a healer along, you’re likely set for some powerful longevity. You gotta knock out the dispellers, though…


I just pulled my first Vivica for costume summons. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of having her around. Maxing Costume Vivica gives you both a cleanser and a dispeller, a Defense Up hero and a Defense Down hero. You just flip her card to match your moment’s needs and you’re good to go. I could see this versatility being valuable. It’s like ascending 2 healers for the price of one.

–Also,– I don’t know what your titan squads look like, but C. Vivica’s Defense Down could make a good bonus when stacking light heroes.

Vivica will also serve you best when Very Fast events come. Now that this applies to both tourneys and wars, that would tip the scales for me and be the last factor I’d need for my decision.


I could see Delilah being a good pick if you have other summoners. I don’t have any other insights to add there, though.

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If you want a sniper go joon and costume, delialah for a little survivability on your team, or the rooster for whole opponent heavy damage.

I’m not sure where the craze for a slow vivica healer in here is coming from

If you haven’t noticed, that slow Vivica displayed is the costumed version, which benefits from the costume bonus to augment her base stats and to reduce tile requirement for filling her mana if supported with the appropriate mana troop. Moreover, costumed Viv retains her previous healing ability PLUS she dispels all enemy’s buffs as well as debuffing the regular defense of all enemies at -44%, higher than White Rabbit’s -34% to the lone target.

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I hadn’t noticed somehow you already had a rabbit and joon maxed. I’d opt for delilah as a priority option. Ranvir is ok at 3.70 as is miki

I would do Mica. I have seen videos from wars(i dont have him) and i love him in offense, he brings a a lot of survavility to the table at a virtually v/f speed.

Delilah if you need a yellow healer.

Impressive roster, good luck!

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