Next yellow - Costume, Minion or Ninja

I have 10 darts so I can max a yellow now and still get the darts before the next hot yellow hero comes along

Here’s my current maxed ones.

Here are what I have narrowed my choices to.

There are strong cases for each one

I don’t have a 5* yellow healer but I do have the 4* ones.

For Vivica, I probably wouldn’t have considered unless she had the costume. Strong healer but slow. The costume bonus does help a bit

For Delilah, I have a lot of great minion heroes and more that can be maxed fairly soon. Here’s all my minion heroes. Also average speed is helpful ahead of Vivica.

And for Mica, I do have the ninja heroes, but only Onyx is maxed thus far. I’m one ring away from maxing Garnet

It’s a tough choice. Probably can’t go wrong with any of them. I haven’t faced as many teams or gotten as much feedback with Mica as I have with Vivica and Delilah

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this is an impressive roster. congrats.
i would put costume Vivica aside. she is slow; slow healers are often too late. Delilah imo is a better healer and if you have some spare emblems for her, she becomes even better with the revive that can kick in quite handy in some occasions. i do not yet have so much hands on experience with the ninjas (only have cobalt from the five stars who I am leveling at the moment), but Mica must be cool on offense i guess - not only statwise. i you do not feel you need the five star holy healer for the one or the other reason, i would go with Mica, otherwise Delilah.

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Where is the fun in the game when you´re having everything? :slight_smile:


Amazing roster. I think the right choice here is between Mica or Delilah.

I have seen Mica in action and hes superb on offense. With only 6 tiles you are giving an incredible defensive boost to the whole team. He has good stats too. And you dont have anything similar in yellow, maybe sif but only for nearby allies. I can see Mica being useful for titans too.

For defense down you already have white rabbit so i would let Vivica aside .

And Delilah is , personally, the best yellow healer. Mica offers a big support and is a ninja but the value of Delilah and her average speed healing comes really in handy for war/raids.

Did a bunch of raid tests and Mica was too good to pass up. I wouldn’t put him on defense. I think he’s really best on offense. I paired him up with Onyx and their bonuses worked very well together. They randomly dodge attacks without even being charged up or fired. I also put him with Snow White and Frigg. With Onyx fully charged, he can wipe out an entire team. Frigg can also wipe out an entire team with a bunch of green tiles on the board. Then I can fire Mica so all those buffs are up and then fire Snow White. With maximum buffs and ailments on both teams, Snow White can decimate and entire team. That’s 3 heroes who can kill at will with the right situations. So, it takes some skill and practice, but if you get all of their situations right, there’s no defense that can handle the damage those 3 can dish out. In the meantime, Mica is keeping them all alive by spreading out the damage and buffing the defense

So, Mica is maxed. (I have a ton of trainer heroes building in the hero academy. Made maxing a hero a very quick process.)


Just finished Delilah now.

I’ve passed her up so many times. I have plenty of darts and more on the way, so I figured I’d go ahead and just pull the trigger.

I have a lot of good minion heroes so she will be very useful. I now have a 5* healer in every color.

Also, in the meantime I maxed also out Garnet. So I have 3 ninjas now. Her, Mica and Onyx. Their shared abilities help the stay alive for a very long time.


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