Zeline Talent Path

What’s the best path to go for Zeline talents? While she is currently on my def team. Will probably get replaced with Telly once he is maxed so thinking of focusing on attack to put more dmg output against wars, raids and titans.

I don’t agree with everyone, but my general stance is to improve the best stats of the hero. Not having Zeline, it would be hard for me to speak to the best path.

Attack path all the way!

I’d go life+defence. Her main ability is attack debuff and dispeller (to all enemies). She’s not hitter, she’s more of a support hero. And in order to support she needs to stay alive. If you fire her your team is going to survive some really heavy hits. The attack is the icing on the cake in this case.

I went for attack, no regrets. She hits all with bonus to blues. These atack nods really make a difference there. And I rarely find her prone to die. Not sure what the guys attacking my defense think, she’s safe on the wing though.

I’m of the opinion that her strength is her dispel and attack down, not her attack. That being the case, keeping her around as long as possible is the name of the game for me, thus I go defense and health with her all the way. Sure a little extra damage sprinkled in on the entire opposing team is a great thing, but she’s never going to be known as a big hitter, so I’d rather have her hit possibly more often, especially considering what else she is doing to the enemy team on that hit.

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