Yet another JF or Elena?

I know this question has been asked before but I am really conflicted in what to choose. I just got the last rings needed to ascend a red. My choice of red 5* heroes is quite limited - it would be JF/Elena/Noor.

Right now, I am between JF and Elena though but I have some problems choosing.


  • Fast
  • Dot
  • Defense against ICE
  • As soon as I have scopes (lacking 4), I will also finish Master Lepus which would combine very well with his def up switchero. Preparing an Athena/JF/Lepus combo
  • I already have GM - limited dot effect
  • Less emblems available than for Elena


  • Tile damage for titans would be great to have
  • Would be my first max riposte hero
  • I have approx 500 emblems ready and no other fighter in sight to be maxed
  • I could use her with Heimdall to increase her HP. Would make her riposte slightly more sustainable with the right board.
  • Slow
  • Squishy
  • Would see limited use apart from titans and red stacks in war.

Apart from GM, my only other maxed red 5* is Marjana.


Go for JF, unless you have pulled Elena costume.

Elena costume is very unique and useful when you are facing the opponents with “hit all” kind of skill, since Elena costume’s counter attack is the highest in the game at 155%. Furthermore, costume bonus + rogue class node 8 + mana troop level 23 will turn Elena to average mana speed instead of slow.

So, once again, Elena will be a preferable choice only when you have her costume.


Thank you! Was always leaning to JF, but since he conflicts with GM I wasn’t sure :slight_smile:

Personally, as you already have 2x Burny Burn heroes I would actually go with Elena & her costume…

If you have Wilbur & Falcon/Boldtusk, you can wreak abssolute carnage with the three of them together on offence (raiding or wars). Plus the Counter Attack is fantastic for demolishing DoA heroes in raids or in PvE.

As you identified, her tile damage is amazing for Titans, even without her costume. Elena was my first maxed 5* red hero & I still to this day do not go into a green titan fight without her (I now have 8 maxed 5* reds now).


Let me second that: You will love her with the costume…


Wow! Look at that damage. Don’t have the costume but still like the vanilla version for green titans

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Amazing attack stats. I bring her and Mitsuko to raiding with Telly every time. When Elena and Mitsuko fire their skill after Telly is out, Finley at left wing and Vela at right flank always commit their suicide…


Thanks guys. However, I don’t know where it come from but I do not have the costume unfortunately!

Would Elena still be your option?

yes… if she fires before Finley or Vela (or Azlar or Quintus, Isarnia… ) it’s nice… sometimes if you are lucky it’s as well nice to see Malosi knocking out himself as well if he hit’s the riposte heroes… i like her as well in S3 hard stages where they hit hard…

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Level her to 3/70 and hope for the best to get her costume.
Once you get her costume, you will always have enough room for her to join your 5* rosters.
For now, I think JF would be a better choice.


Of course yes, I forgot this point. SS3-Hard Mode with green bosses, Elena-costume is a MUST.
Almur send himself to hell all the time.