Yellows Up

So trying to decide which yellow to level up next. Poseidon will be done in a few days and need a new project. Mats wise I need another 2 darts for a 5 star.

This is what I have currently:

I hate titans, my normal play style doesn’t lend itself to doing well against them (I play slow, and get flustered by timer) so i dont intend on levelling anyone particularly for titan use which is why wu is left as he is.

This is what I have to pick from:

Typically i attack as 3-1-1. My initial thoughts were either Roostley, Musashi or the second sea god to replace Chao. The spare Justice and one of the spare Vivica are waiting for HA10 in the hope I can get another green.

However, I have also been considering Jackal, Mist or Pixie for tournaments. …

One vote for Musashi


GUARDIAN JACKAL !!! Then follow it with MIST and then Pixie Try to be a little picky next time by not maxing a holy legendary until you have at least 12 darts.

You’ll also have to consider and ponder on the following:

Musashi. Good tile damage, one of the highest in the game when emblemed. Fast mana.

Sir Roostley. Deals massive damage to all enemies if his chain is used properly but at the cost of self-ailment to allies. Need to have other heroes that would nullify the self-ailment.

Vivica. Slow healer. There are other alternative holy healers now in the game absent previously, i.e. Lady Woolerton and Gullinbursti. The healinh sheep is a bit rarer since she is only available for a few days a year but angry boar can be fairly summoned easily at the monthly Valhalla portal and you would rather max 2 healing pigs at the cost of 8 orbs than max Vivica at the total cost of 8 emblems and 6 darts. But if you have her costume, by all means ascend Viv and the costume as you will be able to make Viv an average healer from being slow when supported with the right levels of holy mana troops.


Definitely Jackal. And emblem him to +20. Amazing!


Gosh, didn’t notice Jackal and Mist. They definitely take priority, two of the best fours

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Ok so not sure I agree with everything here. For the majority of the last 2yrs I’ve been playing I’ve been vc2p and until covid lockdown had only ever done 2 ten pulls in 18 months. Spent a bit more since lockdown as dont have the ability to go watch football of a Saturday.

I dont regret using the darts I have on the heroes I have levelled already and waiting on 12 before picking one would be extremely frustrating and reduce my enjoyment of the game.

Roostley is only damage down to himself so I’m not terribly worried about that, if he affected my other allies I wouldn’t consider him at this stage, but I can use him as the 1 in a team with either boldtusk or kiril and I believe they should overwrite in similar way they do Vela’s.

There may be other yellow healers now instead of Vivica, cant off hand remember if they cleanse though? I also like the def up from vivica and the sheeps mana gen down after going off would worry me more than Roostley’s attack down.

I have been considering improving my tournament teams. And jackal, mist and pixie would do that.

Events I generally dont worry about as its 3 days a month and I am only going for the completion awards not trying to place as my crafting arsenal is used elsewhere.

My main thing with Jackal has always been how squishy he is and because I dont have emblems to spare for him whether he would become a liability in my war attacks? We go up against opponents normally with nobody below41/4200, currently none of my heroes get one snipe killed but I worry he would…He’d also have to be part of the 3 stack to get the maximum benefit of the def down, Whereas Mist could be a support in the 1-1. So think I’m going Mist next prior to Jackal while I think about it some more.

Thanks for the thoughts everyone.

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Unfortunately all of the Easter heroes drawbacks are undispellable, so attack up does not overwrite

Not many yellow healers around. Vivica, Delilah, Gullinbursti and Woolerton is it I think. Viv is the only cleanse in that lot. Sheep’s mana drop can be eliminated by talents as she is a cleric, or ideally if used with Poseidon and he fires first she avoids it entirely

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You’re describing Killhare, not Roostley. Roostley puts an attack down on himself for 3 turns (and it cannot be dispelled) after his special fires.

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Based on what you wrote above, I’d vote for Mist first, followed by Guardian Jackal. Those are two very good 4* heroes. Jackal is squishy without emblems, but he hits like a truck, is very fast and would do well in a yellow stack (3-1-1). He’s also an MVP against titans, even if that isn’t your priority. After that, I’d do Pixie for the 3* tournaments unless you don’t care for them.
For 5*, Musashi is more versatile but Sir Roostely has better damage output and is a menace in tournaments. I’m not a huge fan of Viv, slow and no cleanse always makes it difficult for me to choose her over Rigard/cRigard or Kiril/cKiril.

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Vivica have cleanse actually. Non-costumed Vivica is only yellow hero who has both heal and cleanse.

Derp! This isn’t the first time I’ve confused costume Viv special for the regular one. My brain keeps blocking on this. Whilst the cleanse is definitely a bonus point, I still don’t think she’d get the nod over Rigard for me, unless I had to absolutely run mono.

+1 for Mist and Jackal… very synergy with poseidon… I normaly do in this order Mist+Jackal+Poseidon, but if Jackal fires alone, then sometimes wait some time jackal 1st.


Lots of great and helpful suggestions so thanks guys. To put it in perspective these are the teams I use currently

I am working on the costume half of Sartana currently and that will switch over, then I can get a start on Khiona to replace BT on team one and he can drop down to be support healer on team 6 (not a set team at moment as I create it from scrubs as a clean up depending who I am fighting) the thinking behind doing Musashi or Roostley next had been that he would replace Chao on the team 5 and let him and BT be the support 2 for a new core likely to be Green stack with my Caedmon, Zocc and LotL when I get them finished. But that’s a whole new topic…