Yellow tank with purple flanks for war?

We have been doing yellow tanks for wars, the only thing has been asked is the tank color. Lately, we want to improve our defense strategy a bit more so we want everyone to use purp as flank. And here comes the choice, use purp flank x1 or x2. We have a lot of members use x1 purp already in the past, so x2 purp flanks is really the new thing for us. Well a lot of us do have multiple purp 5s but not everyone, some gonna have to use 4 if we require x2 purp flanks. If anyone here has the experience please share, is it a good idea to use x2 purp as flank, or only the ones who own multiple 5* purp should do x2 and the rest of team use x1. Also is there any good color for wigs if we use x2 strategy.

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Then set the rainbow defenses for war. Anything else is just wrong. How many purples do you think the opponents have, as 2 purple flanks to make a difference? Very well you run a single colour for tanks, but rainbow is the best defense in wars. And you can make use of all maxed troops.

So, you guys do how you please, but my opinion for this: 2 flanks same colour AW = dumbest strategy.


While Rainbow is always the best defense set up, I am actually quite fond of the particular yellow tank/2 purple flank set up. Since these 2 elements are really the only counter to each other I feel like it could work depending on who your purple flanks are and wing choices.

I run rainbow D with Guin tank/Kage flank now for both AW and Raids, but I’m going to try it for my raid D once I get to max the additional purple heroes and wings I envision.

For raid and raid tournaments, is a great strategy, indeed.

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Agreed, I think this is only good for raid.

This might work, if all have 2 high level troops and emblems on all defense heroes…
I guess many forget the troops.
E.g I got one set of level 23 mana troops and next highest troop is then level 11.
And that with level 65 now.
I don’t think that all people gonna have two high leveled troops there of each (the needed) colour.

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