Yellow poll just for depth

  • Akkorog
  • Justice 1st costume
  • jasper
  • Ephyra
  • motega
  • Topaz
  • Kara 2nd
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I think Topaz is the best of the bunch. Jasper is a nightmare for rush tournies and wars, while motega is a solid addition if you have other minion makers to pair him with.

Fine choices!


I have ogima ,Jana, cleopatra, faline , joon c, zuri, Kara and faline as main yellow 5* . I have some other also but don’t use them .

Then go with jasper. You need a rush god and he’s it.


I voted for Jasper! That attack buff plus crit chance is too good to ignore! He’d be great for titans and in rush… unfortunately, mine will be sitting at 3:70 for months to come!

I can imagine Motega would be great fun to use! Tough choice.

Great roster :innocent:

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Topaz for me. Grimble is my go to minion remover with all that lovely mana to boot & Topaz takes it 1 step further.

I have ogima for minions and also Galapago waiting to level up. As a card topaz is a good one but I am thinking of jasper for vf wars and titans . Motega also is a good card especially if the second special goes off. Hard choice

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Jasper than Motega :sunglasses:

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