Dupes level up or not

Always been against leveling up dupes ! But the game is forcing me to level up one . So need some help. Which will you ascend ? Thank you

  • Ephyra
  • Jana (2nd card)
  • Ogima (2nd card)
  • Topaz
  • Jasper
  • motega
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Motega Motega Motega Motega!!
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Motega was the last in line to be honest. I am surprised though that ephyra is so low . A fast “overhealer” for attack .

Motega’s fiends are amazing. What’s ur problem with him?

I think ephyra’s minions with 800Hp in fast speed would be more useful. Motega’s second charge is in slow speed and that’s a problem. Also I think Jana and ogima would be more useful than motega in the current meta.
But that’s my point of view and that’s why I am stuck in which one to ascend . If I didn’t have maxed and lb ogima and Jana I would now . But I thinking twice of leveling dupes .