Holy Ascencion Poll

I have enough darts for 2 of the following, only focused on offense. I love charge heroes since I prefer to attack fatser than fast, but am also considering one non-charge hero. Other leveled yellows (I don’t play mono, usually 3-2) are Queen G, C Gazelle, and Kunshanku. Also use my LB2 Waddles and C2 Li Xiu a lot.

Thanks so much for your vote and insights!

  • C Sif
  • C Guinevere
  • C2 Leonidas
  • C Roc
  • Meresankh
  • Motega
  • Nemesis
  • Topaz
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I’d do Topaz if you a need an anti minion hero, if not only Meresankh and hold darts.

I think Ithar is way better hero to max. I’d try and get her.

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Thanks! Just to clarify: you think Ithar–the July HOTM–is better than Nemesis (who’s currently leading the poll), C Sif, C2 Leo, and Meresankh? Why?

Many on this forum don’t think very highly of her–I actually have copies of her but didn’t include her due to the poor reviews of her.

Many thanks!

C2 Leonidas is the best from them for sure.

The other, depends on what you prefer - healer and reflecter (C Guinevere), minion counter - Topaz, hard sniper - Nemesis, dispeller + ailments - Roc


Thanks! Looks like Leo will be 1 of the 2.

What do you think of Ithar?

Thanks again!

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Personally, I find her a bit underwhelming with no damage, but quite a few seem to like her.

I see her role is mainly to steal taunt from Ludwig and other taunters, as the mana gain is very little. You could take her at 3.70 and test her.

I got her, but she is not on my priority list, as I have other heroes that I consider better. But in my mind she is after Malosi if you have him


Yes I do, I think she’s as good as R&N. She steals buffs Taunts Hippo’s special etc. very good in current meta.

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Thanks a gazillion as always!! Really appreciate it! Have a great weekend!

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Thanks so much. I’m going to do some research on Ithar. Have a great weekend!