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Hi everyone,
I am wondering who will complement the best my yellow mono team. I currently have maxed Sir Roostley (+20), Sif (+15), Odin (soon to be +20), Prof Lidenbrock on her way to 4/80.
Before pulling the professor my yellow mono stack was with two healers - Gullinbursti and Lady Woolerton, but now I plan to use the professor and am thinking of adding a sniper to the mix.
Possible options are Malosi, Bai Yeong, Uraeus, Leonidas (no costume) all sitting at 3/70 at the moment. I have darts for one, so wondering who to ascend.

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I vote Leo. I had him for ages, hardly used him. Got his costume last event and what a beast!! Took him straight to 20. I recon you will get his costume before 6 more darts. :grin: good luck

The only one of those I have leveled is Bai Yeong. He’s pretty good to stop healing and a blind, but it doesn’t last long. you would definitely want to put him on a flank next to Sif (assuming she is your tank) to get the mana speed up and allow him to fire often.

My experience in raid is that Uraeus hits hard and also takes advantage of minion meta. I got Director Zuri so I’m working on her, but Uraeus was going to be next for me before she came along. Don’t know much about Malosi. Only have him a 3/60. Hear he is good against opponents with massive specials. Hopefully you’ll get some more answers.

You’ll want malosi. Can totally shut down an enemy. If not him, I’d do Uraeus

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I also think malosi fits in well with your team. His elemental link with the increase crit chance could add some more power to those mono yellow tiles. Malosi’s speed puts him over uraeus imo for your set up. not sure of your troop situation but uraeus would add a third average speed hero to your team and without troop support that might be too slow

I would vote for Uraeus, but only if you can fully emblem him and have a level 11 mana troop to support him (or a level 23 mana troops without necessary fully embleming him). That way, he can fire his special in 9 tiles. A very strong sniper that provides minion meatshields to his yellow allies and a good hero against minion-heavy defense. If you lack the emblems and/or mana troop, I’d settle for Malosi. He is very fast but hits like a wet noodle.


That’s a tough one. Definitely between Ureaus and Malosi. Malosi is great to shut down, but not a killer. Ureaus is a beast but on the slower side, and needs minions out there to really shine. I would probably give the edge to Ureaus. Good luck!

I vote Malosi! He looks like a wonderful luxury item when there’s something you just don’t want to deal with. Having thoroughly enjoyed some smooth rides with Grazul, I’m a big fan of the Nope Punch.

Uraeus is good I hear, but minion meta stuff still hasn’t really demanded my attention. He’d be my second place vote for you, I suppose. He’s served other people well, but minion busters just aren’t my thing. I’d personally prefer Bai Yeong, but I think I’m in the minority there. I want someone who’s good in all circumstances, not just when fighting summoners. And at least where I’m at, less than half of my battles are against summoners. Maybe most of his fanfare is coming from the gilded halls where there’s a Freya or Bera around most corners. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I have Bai Yeong as my maxed grade 18 yellow. I like him, and I’ve never regretted maxing him. I use him mainly for making specials miss, but I also use him because I had no heavier hitters at the time. It feels like he makes things miss more than 75% of the time. I find him very reliable, but I still look forward to replacing him with C. Joon.

I don’t think Leonidas needs to be considered with your alternatives.

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