🌑 Xiaotu - 5* Fire / Red from Lunar New Year

Xiaotu passive of making minion impact useless makes him useful / important for today’s play…

But, that’s how SG plays it…

Luckily, my dude popped out on 2nd EHT pull….


Reasons I love this bunny, ***if I get her

  • The passive minion counter!
  • Her class. I have over 4000 druids to give her when she matures!
  • She hits hard and she gets a role in lot of raids and war!
  • She will be my hardest hitting card.

Lets see if i can waste some money on a bunny


I had no intentions of pulling in this portal. Was burning a few grey tokens to top off pov task, and received several 2* troops in a row and thought, meh, why not try a 10 pull.

Seven 3*, two 4* and The :rabbit2: who came first and R&N to top it off.


Gg Shadowlander for Bunny :+1:

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Thank you.

Can no longer say, will never be that fortunate. :laughing:

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Can someone explain me why Miriam’s minions give heal and attack bust since I have Xiaotu in my team? It’s a broken one? P.S. Freays minions also gave defense-up.

That passive blocks minion attack and effects.

Freya and MnM has specials not tied to minions.


Defense up is not tied to Minions for Freya.

This healing might be an effect of Mother North ?

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You are right. I believed that Miriams minions provide attacks up and Freyas minions provide defense up.


M&M also heals normally herself


m&m is healed by minios and by herself that is not connected to the minion

After some extensive testing, I feel confident in saying that Xiaotu is THE best M&M counter available right now.

M&M is dangerous/annoying for 3 separate reasions:

  1. Extremely beefy minions (700+ HP each per), which recover 15% HP, AND throw back any cleansable ailments at you
  2. Overhealing by 504 HP over 3 turns on top of minions recovering HP
  3. Berserk to 3, which makes flanks extremely dangerous if you don’t kill them in time

Now with Xiaotu, her passive completely shuts down line 1. :white_check_mark:

Then, her “reverse healing” secondary means that instead of overhealing, the heroes lose 250 HP per turn, thus turning line 2 on its head. :white_check_mark::white_check_mark:

(assuming perfect timing, that’s 750 HP total lost, or just enough to kill the minions all on its own)

And finally, she hits for around 1300 when used on offense before any buffs/debuffs are applied, which means she can pretty reliably one shot a hero if they’re weakened or have debuffs on. :100:

Obviously she can’t do anything about line 3 (berserk), but I’m going to assume you’re going to bring dispellers/buff blockers against M&M anyway, and Xiaotu is just your off-color support.

P.S. Alucard+Xiaotu have incredible synergy: Alucard instant destroys the minions, heals and gives mana, so Xiaotu’s secondary can actually start doing some serious damage to the flanks.


If you were to die now, then you won’t be able to play with Xiaotu.


Just got lucky for the first time in awhile


In other words…the sky is blue!!!

Pulled her this morning from a free EHT from war rewards chest. Take that .8 percent whale summons rate. :joy:


I wouldn’t try to draw heroes from the Easter portal. All they have are average-benefit heroes that come with major drawbacks.

They don’t fit in the game. Didn’t back then. Especially don’t now.

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Given Xiaotu’s greatest strength lies in the passive, I’m debating whether leveling up all the way is necessary or the bunny can be still be impactful at 3.70. My limited tests have proven successful but could benefit from a larger sample size. Anyone using her at 3.70 against top caliber teams and finding success?

Essentially, I have enough rings for a single ascension now and deciding who gets them first between Ruby, D’Artagnan, R&N or Xiaotu.


Ive been using the Tiger at 3.70 (Different hero but same principle) and he survived well enough in this past tournament for me. I finished in the top 1% so i faced tough defenses/heros. Ive left him there mainly in fear of them nerfing their passive because without that these two arent anything incredibly special.


Look at me im a bunny.