[NEW EVENT] Lunar New Year is Here! ๐Ÿฎ

Match firecracker tiles to make an explosive start to the Lunar New Year! :izakaya_lantern::firecracker::rabbit:

:date: Schedule


:new: Featuring

  • Lunar New Year stages
    • 3 difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard) with 10 stages each
    • Stage Property: Grand Fireworks
      • Firework Rockets explode and damage your team if not matched in 3 turns
      • Matching 5 Firework Rockets in time will fully charge Grand Fireworks
      • Unleashing Grand Fireworks deals damage to all enemies
        • Damage equal to 20% of max health
  • New Lunar Zodiac Heroes
    • Laohu
    • Xiaotu
  • New Lunar Zodiac Family
    • The Lunar Zodiac Family consists of Lunar Year Animal Heroes
      • Each Lunar Year Animal Hero comes with a unique bonus
      • When two or more distinct Lunar Year Animal Heroes are teamed together, their bonus effects activate and are applied to all Lunar Zodiac Heroes on the team
    • Lunar Year Tiger Bonus (Laohu): +10% attack
    • Lunar Year Rabbit Bonus (Xiaotu): +5% mana generation
    • Lunar Zodiac Heroes receive an Event Bonus in Lunar New Year stages
      • +20% attack, +20% defense, +20% health

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