X-Void Forever - stress / drama free alliance

We are a stress / drama free alliance. We are seeking like minded people who will be ACTIVE in the game.


If you are checked in for wars please use all flags.

Communicating with either myself or the co-leads about real life issues that may arise is important to avoid getting needlessly kicked because of not hitting the Titans or not using war flags.

Want to add this about Wars. Please have 6 effective teams. If you don’t, then just uncheck from Wars until you have stronger teams.

We ARE NOT the most chatty bunch. It doesn’t matter to us if you talk a lot or a little; either is good to us. But, if you need an alliance where they chat up a storm that is not us.

Type: Open

Line ID: optimus610

Required Trophies: 1400



20+ missing alliance members :slight_smile:


Still missing 20+ members :slight_smile:

Still any slot in your alliance?

HI Rianty,

Yes, tons of spots open. Type in X-Void Forever and you will find it. The leader is Joshmaaate.

You use Line?


I have line. Its under the same user name.

I’m not finding you, Is that your screen name and not ID? You can get me with a search for hasek23.

i added you. it came up as gor?

Yup, Gor is the Line screen name, hasek23 is the id. Searching by screen name doesn’t work. You can go into your settings and choose an ID so people can find you.

Bump 3 the search continues.

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Growing once again. If you want a casual / stress free place give us a glance.

Bump 4 the search for 7

Bump 5 - The search for the final 5 :grinning:

The bump up to fill the roster


Looking for 2 more players to help us push to 9* and 10* Titans.

The bump for the final spot!


One spot has opened up. Seeking someone who wants an active but also a casual / drama free atmosphere in an alliance.

We have another opening. Seeking someone who wants an active but also a casual / drama free atmosphere in an alliance.

1 spot has opened up.