VoidBringers[+DJ] Alliance looking for daily players

We are a friendly group of players looking for daily players that hit titans and participate in war. We are a training alliance also so if you need help we are always in group chat and have an active line group. Currently taking down 9* and 10* titans. We have spots available right now and if we are full please send me a message and I’ll see if we have some house cleaning to do. Look forward to seeing you there.

Hi, would you be interested in cooperation with other alliance? We just launched a new home for our friends and looking to grow. We are close to merge with another friendly alliance. We would like eventually to have main competitive alliance and training alliance. Have great day.

♤Witchers and Witches♤

Thanks for your message. I have passed the info along to my alliance. I’ll let you know what they want to do.

Hey, only lvl 20 here, but daily and player, working on titan team. I would ask to join.


Hi Djole. You are more than welcome to join. We have a great bunch of friendly people. There is currently two open spots.

How’s papaheavy I tried to contact him online he ain’t replied in ages.

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He’s doing good. I’ll tell him you were asking for him.

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Yo @Dudeious.Maximus, I’m ok bro. Just been dealing with…things. I’ll hit you up soon. Hope your holidays were good!!

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Cool dude no probs :+1:

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