Wu or Wilbur?

Ok so I’ve recently gained both of these and was wondering who I should prioritise for titans?
I was planing on trading colour specific feeders with all the backpack and swords gained during atlantis.
Thx in advance for your help.

Wu and Wu and Wu and Wu. :raising_hand_man:


I’m a Wu lover my first maxed and had him from the start. But there are far more knowledgeable people on here so take their advice ahead of mine.

Generally speaking, when referencing Titans, heroes who buff attack are prioritized over those who perform other support functions.

Unless you have a fully ascended Ranvir (not sure on 3/70 Ranvir vs. Fully ascended Wu Kong), Wu is one of the earliest heroes people ascend for his versatility and usefulness in multiple facets of the game.

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I don’t pretend to be knowlegable and yet, in spite of being a huge fan of Wilbur, I’d still recommend Wu (unless you’ve also got Ranvir).

Wu for titans (even if he does misbehave) and also for quests.

Wilbur later, and you’re going to love him :grin:

Tbh you want to prioritize them both. Wu+Wilbur is the key to Titan scoring, at least in the beginning/middle game.


Wilbur because he is more useful than Wu.

I’m spliting emblem for Wu +3 and Wilbur the rest.
For titan in medium level, basically… I always place in Titan team like this:

Wilbur + 3 color strong + Wu

So I just replace 3 heroes if titan change the color/element.
On every titan color, except if titan is rare reflect red or yellow.

About to level hero, I prefer always project plan rainbow color, so red feeder to red heroes, etc.
So WIlbur and Wu Kong is different color, so both no conflict.

If you have only 1 compass or 1 golve, I prefer Wilbur 1st before Wu.

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You will use Wilbur long after Wu gets benched. So short term likely Wu, Long term Wilbur - all depends on which perspective you take.

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I regularly scores higher points against a green 8 * titan with Wu, BT, +15 Scarlett, +5 Lancelot and +3 Anzogh compare to replacing Wu with Wilbur.
Funny thing I always get the lowest with Wu and Wilbur onboard. Only 2 - 3 hits on a diamond tiles is kinda too much.
So, the answer is obviously Wu.
You can level both at the same time. It may takes longer time but you get the best of both world in a go.

I agree with @Keyz, why not level them both simultaneously. I have them both levelled and on every titan team unless the titan reflects yellow /red.

Wu’s Attack coupled with Wilbur’s def up / enemies def down is awesome! 4* legends!

I will be lvling them both with gained hero’s from farming I was just planing to feed 1 for the short term for a quick addition to my titan team from what’s been said I will do that with Wu thx for the suggestions Its very much appreciated.
@zephyr1 can you close this please

Wilbur will keep your team alive longer if you charge him up with mana from the get go.

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Sure, no problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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