Worth Ascending Guardian Kong?

I’m getting ready to do a final ascension on a red 5*. I’ve got Marjana, Elena, Khagan and G. Kong… I know that the normal answer would be to ascend Marjana, but I’ve got solid snipers (Joon, Lianna, Poseidon, Sartana) and tbh, Marjana seems sort of meh at 3.70 compared to the rest of them at that same stage.

I’m really looking for a red 5* that can function as a good right wing in my defense team (Alby/Athena/Hel/Joon/Colen) and finish off a team.

Elena and Khagan are both better as flanks than wings, and both slow mana. I’m really attracted to the high damage, average mana, AoE that Kong has.

Is it worth ascending him, or is he just so bad that I should bring up Elena/Khagan/Marajana and figure out how to restructure my defense team?

It honestly depends on what else you have as well. Defense is the last thing I consider when deciding who to level. If you have Boldtusk and Wilbur, adding Kong to that stack would be deadly since they all charge at the same time. Kong would do ok in defense, but you’d really see him shine in wars and raids with that stack.

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At average speed G. Kong might not fire in the wing. He does have high damage output which is nice on the wing, but just be aware that he’s not as sturdy nor as fast as Marjana.

On red stacks yeah I think G. Kong is really good. High tile damage + blue element shield for all is good.

If you want a good wing then marj is the answer, rouge wings are a pain in the yass.

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I use him at 3.70 in a stack with BT, Wilbur, and Falcon. Those four killed it in the no-blue, very-fast-mana raid tournament last week.


G.Kong is good for Offense , paired with Boldtusk + Falcon + Wilbur + Anzogh , those would cause huge damage

Defense Anzogh > G.Kong
Offense Anzogh = G.Kong

Marjana is sure better than G.Kong but if you already got many Sniper (other color) , do G.Kong is good for diversity


For me, no not really. Red is full of AoE heros, and i feel there are just too many better options

Marjana is your wing. If that is what you need.

I ended up ascending Elena, since she seems like she functions well in a variety of circumstances and positions. Once she’s maxed, I’ll have a look at Marjana, and will hope for a better 5* in the meantime.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but does anybody have GKong ascended? Roughly how much damage is his special doing at 80? How about with BT and/or Wilbur? I have a ridiculous amount of extra rings laying around, and I need someone for war cleanup teams. I’m trying to talk myself into it, but I think I’m punching the math into the formula wrong because I’m getting estimates of like 300 damage to all base, 500-550 with BT, 600 with Wilbur, and like 750-800 with all three. This does not sound correct to me

you can see GKong here in action, video with explanation:

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I saw the video, but didn’t see any action shots or discussion of damage numbers.
Thank you, though

I also have g. Kong and anzogh

BT and 3/70 anzogh +/- Wilbur is qt good for offense. I would imagine g. Kong to be even better.

But rings are scarce and I hvnt made up my mind who to ascend yet.

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I am in the process of finishing him, but he moved to my #2 priority when I got Guardian Falcon.

I should have Guardian Kong finished by mid-September, but I can’t promise I will remember to post here.

I would suggest watching Nittany Lion Roars videos of his war hits on youtube. He has a maxed Kong that he uses in a red stack with Wilbur. Looks to me like he did about 450 damager per hero with Wilbur alone

Honestly if you have Wilbur and G. Falcon then yes do it. Because their synergy works so dang well.


I’ve now been playing around with a fully levelled Guardian Kong. I’d say he is great for tournaments if you are using a red stack and also have Boldtusk and Wilbur in the stack. Even better if you have Guardian Falcon too. With those three, you can see HUGE damage from Guardian Kong against all opponents. I’ve been using him on a red stack that also has Anzogh. All 5 are average speed and once they fire it’s game over in a raid or war team, and big points in a tournament.

So, to answer OP, yes I’d level him if you want to use a red stack in tournaments. He also could be worthwhile for raids and wars, and even titans because of his very high tile damage.



He’s with me on 90%+ of raids.

With Wilbur+19 and BK+7… Kong +1.
His AoE with BK-boost and Wilbur debuff (often take Isarnia too, backup debuff) can be way up around 8-900 per head.

A tank he ain’t, but his AoE is bigtime!


If you have BK and Wilbur he can wipe out a whole enemy team in one sometimes… +145% attack Vs defence debuff and turn out the lights!


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