Wonderland Legendary done

Hello everyone
I wanted to share this cause we have been discussing about how to beat legendary 10 without a full 5* team or using big ticket items
It’s all about preparing the board and hero’s in the last round before the boss to go in as strong as possible !!!
Look how I went in

And here’s the proof that I only used 20 minor healing and 2 turtle banner


I used this team, items were bombs, axes, minor healing and healing. It was okay, I think I could perform better with a better team, but my only goal was to beat that stage. QoH was at around 3/40…still not maxed, second Kiril at 3/60, Wilbur at 4/1, rest maxed with 1 emblem.


Uau 7 minutes. Did you took a coffee break?

I just finished Wonderland Legendary with only 4* heroes.
The key-hero was Proteus (not even fully leveled at 4-24) and some mana potions (I think I used about 6 small and 2 medium). Besides that I took 2 healers with me (I think 1 would have been enough).
The bosses never used their special, so was pretty easy, but took some time.


I completed all three levels this time (first time completely completing a challenge event) with a team of Sabina / Wilbur / Grimm / Triton / Marjana (4* all with emblems, Marjana at 4/73 – in the middle level, Boldtusk instead of Marjana), using some 500hp healings, some 40% manas, 5 bombs and 2 dragon attacks. I was a bit nervous going in with only 2 dragon attacks, but I’m also trying to save up iron for when SH21 is opened up…

My strategy was to throw everything I could at Alice (as she can one-shot basically any of these if Wilbur is not active). Grimm was directed at Hatter to affect all three, of course. Once Alice was down, I took out the Queen, and finally the Hatter.

Needed 11 minutes. 74,150 points…


It took me over 20 minutes to finish the last stage of Springvale, so I think, 7 minutes is really short :smiley:


Uau. Hehe what was your points in that stage? I’m curious

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7 minutes sounds as a reasonable time to me.

It took me around 40-50 minutes to finish my first legendary event. It was with 3*-4* heroes, mainly healers, looked like a chess match… but very exhausting, had to take shower after :stuck_out_tongue:


77.360 :slight_smile: so around 10.000 points per minute, lol.

Now that’s a really good points. I Fi ished in under 3 min. 88 points.

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I haven’t screenshotted the scores after finishing, I guess my time score is really bad, but the score for combos a lot better…

77k is that any good ???

It was all about tile damage these 3 yellows all above 700 attack

Boldtusk being at his maximum possible defence stat of 858 a pretty solid attack team !!


whoa, nice Gretel!!

20 lederhosen

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Cleared it with this team in under 4 minutes. 90k points
Lost lot of time on the second wave to have all special ready for the boss. Had 2 diamonds on the board.
Made 3 moves on the board and they were all dead. Wu + Wilbur made miracles!
Used 1 dragon, bomb and arrow, although i could have spared then


Wonderland team ( reflect green)

Legendary Tier

Boldtusk$ 4*+12 ( corner due to Queen )

Grimm$ 4*+15 / Kiril 4*+1

Proteus$ 4*+11 ( center due to Queen )

Wu Kong$ 4*+12/ Jackal 4*+1 / Joon 5* 3.70

Rigard$ 4*+13 ( corner due to Queen )

/= alternate heroes for bosses Stage 1 to 9

$= Stage 10 heroes and Battle items are Dragon, Bombs ( reverse stolen War Cry ), Mana 25%, Mana 60%.

Only used one of each item except Dragon, but very very lucky board.

Gambler’s Stance only when Queen killed. Until then use Wu Kong for his base stats, especially tile/ matching/ physical damage.

Queen has target and nearby ( mini AOE ) attack. So healers in corner and Proteus in center.


Click for notes

Arranging heroes ( click to original post)



4 months ago with only 2919 TP:


I had a very similar team , only switch was I eventually removed Grimm for Cryprian , just for defense / bulkier hero .
I did laugh at the last stage as Hatter before he died used his ability and got Wu Kong’s gambler’s stance , and Cyprian 's perfect riposte on Alice!! QOH was already dead , and Alice killed off two heroes in 2 turns lol ( one w her special then her turn ) 900+ damage!! :laughing:

But she suffered with an arrow to the knee and then tile damage 4tw.:hugs:

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Hello there!
I’ve been playing the game for a few months and am enjoying it, but still consider myself a bit of a newbie with a lot to learn. I’m having difficulty with the Wonderland legendary event, but have reached level 10. Can you please help me choose my team and give me a few tips on how to beat it.
I’ve listed my most powerful heroes below, except green (as they are no good?)

Mitsuko 4/80
Boldtusk 4/70
Gormek 4/61

Sabina 4/70
Tiburtus 4/70
Ameonna 4/70
Cyprian 4/53

Wu Kong 4/70
Hu Tao 4/70
Leonidas 4/39
Onatel 4/26

Grimm 4/70
Sonya 4/70
Kiril 4/50
Magni 4/38

My backpack includes 5 time stops, 4 dragons, 5 bombs, 5 tornados, 4 full mana potions, 5 miracle scrolls and some smaller items.

I guess my strategy should be picking them off one by one without hitting the other two? On the previous levels, I’m finding the Queen to be a proper little pain in the rear.

Thank you!

Sonya ( dispel whatever TH stole), Mitsuoka, Magni, Boldtusk and Grimm.
Stacking blue to finish off QOH. Red for TH.
Time stops, bombs, small mana potion and medium health potion will help. Else, a scroll.
You may need to protect Grimm and Magni as in my case, Alice keep hitting on Grimm. Probably, she don’t like his 6 pack…lol jk. AI usually target the weakest hero.

I went thru’ the last legendary stage with
Kiril, Boldtusk, Richard, Chao(mana cut for TH and Alice) and Grimm. I use less heroes with buffer to avoid buffer being steal by TH.
Item : timestops, medium health potion, small mana potion and tornado. Quite lucky on the tornado as I was getting very bad board.

Good luck.

Having Riposte in Cyprian is quite a good idea too!