Riddles of Wonderland Legendary stage15 Help

Hello everyone

I need some advise from experienced players how to beat the bosses on stage 15 Legendary in Riddles of Wonderland.

I played stage15 twice and got them almost, but as we all know almost is not a win :grimacing:

Below is a screenshot of the Heroes I’m using, and also some of my alternative heroes, in the process of leveling.

Please help me, I really need that compass, and if you think I might stand a chance to win or if I have to wait for next month’s challenge event.

Thank you in advance


I went with Costumed Rigard / Merlin / Elena / Costumed Boldtusk / Wilbur. You would obviously use Proteus (wish I had him).

Items: Tornadoes (used 3), Big Mana (used 2), Dragons and Bombs (used all). [Tornadoes get you a free turn of tiles plus 40% mana.]

The Attack-Down from bombs was pretty necessary for me… Stacking red and purple helps against the bosses. Red mono could work with the right heroes, but it wasn’t working for me…

I think you could manage to win if you bring

Along with mana potions, Dragon Attacks, Bombs and healing potions.
Don’t let the bosses charge or you are done tough…

You should arrive to the Boss Stage with your heroes fully charged, make mobs commit suicide by counterattack while keeping some diamonds on your board and then:

  1. Use Proteus on turn 1
  2. Use ony one Dragon Attack on turn 1
  3. Cast your specials on them on turn 1
  4. Fire the diamond on turn 1

Then you should aim to punch a hole into the bosses formation to gain more mana by sending your tiles trough the empty spot, try to keep your Bombs for when you would be able to kill at least one Boss (you can also use them if you need to lower bosses’ attack to buy time), don’t forget to use the Dragon Attacks every time their damage over time disappears…

And charge Proteus with mana potions if needed, your low-leveled heroes can’t endure the bosses specials. At your actual heroes’ level you don’t have room for errors. I wish you to succeed!

(ps last stage doesn’t have Green mobs but be wary of The Hatter, don’t kill your Gadeirus on him and if you have a better healer then bring him instead).


Thank you @FraVit93 for the advise, I will go and give it a shot.This is truly very helpful :grinning:

The 2 times a tried a had very bad boars, hopefully I will have some luck with better board.

@mpolo Thank you for the reply.



When your team is a little vulnerable, perhaps choice of battle items matters. What high end items do you have available? Timestops, big mana, small mana, bombs might be good?

@Infinite I have some batte items, yes

20 Bomb Attacks
5 Dragon Attacks
2 Time Stop
4 Tornado
53 Super Ho
210 Minor Mana

and more, Revive Scrolls, minor healing Ho, arrow attacks


Sorry buddy but could you tell me what you mean by “Toronto”?

Sorry…lol missed spell

4 Tornado

Can you make any more time stops?

I’d say dragons, bombs, mana x 2 slots if you can’t

No my forge is at level16 awaiting Stronghold to level and it will take another 2 days.

@Infinite This is what I have

Bombs, time stops and Wilbur

Are you able to successfully get your team to the bosses without using items? The reason I ask is because with how weak your teams are you will need every item to carpet bomb bosses and charge your specials.

I don’t want you to take offense to that, but even I have some difficulty with my team

I would say don’t waste your resources and prepare for next event. Compasses are a dime a dozen and you usually find them from titans!

I can get to bosses without using any battle items, but I had 2 bad boards, it was really tough…

No offense takin…lol

I think you are right Aabbott, my team is not ready yet and I can wait until next month and yes I used 10 Dragon, 10 Bomb Attacks, Super Mana it hurt my inventory. I will level my other priority 4*/5* s and craft a lot of battle items.

Thank you for your input, after the second failed attempt I told my wife I will probably have to wait for next one :sweat_smile:



I’m pretty amazed you got to that stage at all, to be honest. Imagine what you’ll be able to do when they’re all maxed!

Good job getting that far though! You definetly got further than me when I was around your team strengths. Im glad to see you may be using cyprian. Ive always said reflect is good because the bosses essentially kill themselves!

Though it seems like next time may be your best bet I do feel that bringing more mana would improve your chances. Though I do have more powerful heroes than you our strategies should be the same. I bring small and medium mana, medium or potent healing, and bombs. Get to the final stage with all that and all specials ready as suggested. I then fire all specials and prioritise purple tiles to charge Mr. Awesome (aka Proteus). If by the time his special runs out he is not charged again use mana on him. This will prevent the bosses firing probably at all. Save the health pots to help keep up with the damage from slash attacks.

You could bring something more potent than bombs for your 4th item but I like them for when I get a boss close to death. Instead of trying to get enough damage with tiles lined up under them or using a special to finish them off I throw a bomb or 2 to knock them out. Plus the -att is more useful than the burn damage from dragons.
If you find their slash damage is too much to keep up with then space out your bombs to keep their damage lowered for as long as possible.

I would take out the rabbit first simply because the purple tiles you will be looking for will be strong against him.

Good luck!

Keep Cyprian alive, I beat legendary with this:

As long as your Cyprian and healers are alive you can won.

Thank you very much all for your awsome advise, I even feel so much better to know there are friends like you guys to help and support a fellow gamer, this is a better rush feeling then beating all 3 levels…wow

Thank you guys you ROCK
@Whiskey yes I agree we do have the same strategy…thumbs up

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I agree with going for the rabbit first, if you are biring Purple, and you have Proteus, so you better be bringing Purple. Do you have Rigard ( especially costumed) available? Seeing what else you have may help.

The core of a plan was to not let Hatter fire and steal buffs, or make sure you delay buffing until after he fires. Alternately you can not have much buffing. I did need to some items, but got through it first try with:

Costume Rigard- Boldtusk- Proteus - Delilah - Isarnia

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