Wizard emblems: Onatel or Isarnia

who should the emblems go to?
Any help would be appreciated.
Team from left to right is:

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Onatel due to fact that she is tank in your team, she will benefit from bonuses greatly.

I would recommend Onatel given she is the tank, more powerful and the tremendously attacking power you already have with the remaining deck. Goodluck

I had the same choice. Onatel got mine. I think she will benefit more from the bonus. Isarnia is already pretty deadly when she gets to fire.

Every one of these is situational but I’d choose isarnia. She’s deadly, and breaks easy, so make her break less easy and she’s even deadlier. Plus the jinx skill is way more applicable to her than onatel - 15% extra damage on a high attack stat + AOE special (plus an even higher attack stat after leveling) could dismantle an opponent.

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