Wilbur + Wu kong + AOE effect!

You don’t need 5* heroes to get a blasting combination. Take Wilbur and Wu kong to the party with an AOE and… enjoy


I love the combination of the two. It is often more effective than 5 * heroes.


Heck yeah. Wilbur + Wu Kong is monstrous.


Out of curiosity - which level were you completing?

Edit… Ty - yeah I’m one of those people who goes to the movies and leaves before the final credits :blush: (unless it’s a Marvel movie)

The level of 2450 combat effectiveness will be how strong the defense, you can fight through. You should challenge with three heroes. This video doesn’t make any sense.

It shows in the end that level 19 of easy

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Yes, it shows a way to play this event with no purple heroes (i don’t have any of 4 or 5*) and with not full ascended heroes… Wilbur 3/70, anzogh 3/70, wu 3/35. For players that… alike me… suffer this lacks of optimal teams for sand empìre

Wilbur + Khiona is also very Deadly. Or you are hit with AOE, it’s instant max dmg


i hope get her someday

Yeah I have maxed Wilbur and Wukong and they have great synergy.
On titans, specially green titans I do tons of damage (I got several red heroes and that helps aswell!)

I love that combination, too :slight_smile:

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You need the Falcon too. :slight_smile: I have the Jackal and my purple Titan damage is amazing.

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Haha I wish. Iam a free player and they are from special events :frowning:

Wilbur + Wu Kong + Quintus, Azlar or even Colen is devastating. Provided that they stay alive to cast their combi specials.
Against those combi, either Wu or the slow AOE is gone long before they can cast their special.

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When I use 3/2 against green tank, I use Wu/BT/Wilbur/Anz/Ranvir. Good board and it’s over…no matter def level of green tank. Have beat Combo of Kashrek/Boris/Kashrek up front.

I use Wu Kong, Wilbur, Joon, and Boldtusk for most titans. Don’t have a fully leveled 5 star because the only one I have materials for is Margaret and I don’t want her to be my first, if ever, fully leveled 5 star. For Green Titans I use Cohen, for red, purple, blue, and yellow, I use Athena. I put 72,000+ damage on a green titan using no battle items. I swear I saw that troll crying.

To think I thought Wu Kong was weak because he is pretty weak on defense. Now I have 3 (c2p) and I want three more for all 6 war teams.

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