Wich heroes to up?

Hello guyz,

So, here are all the 4* I have & I’m wondering witch ones to focus on.

I’d like to know who are the 3 best in your opinions.

I already have a 3-60 Chao, 3-60 LJ & and a 2-60 Magni in my regular team (just for you to know that if you vote for one of those, that would mean that I’d have two).

I was personnally thinking to focus on Boldusk, Sonya & Tiburtus.

But what do you think ? Thanks for sharing your opinion !

ps : click on the picture to see the 5 colors.

  • Gretel, Chao
  • Kiril, Sonya, then magni
  • Tiburtus then Ameonna

It is always better to have two 4* per color before moving into a 5*


Didn’t see the reds…Boldtusk, then Gormek :wink:

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