Why do you play?

The ship sailed already if that’s your hope. Early next year this becomes a fully owned Zynga product. What they do with it to get a return on investment we will see I guess.

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“Exciting” times ahead. Checked my ex-game (that’s another fully owned Zynga game now): it’s still alive with us$1.2m revenue, and <10k new downloads, for august 2021. This game should be able to soldier on for awhile. Current monthly revenue is about us$20m on average. Looooonnnnnggg way down. :)))


I just like killing the bad guys in wars and raids.


Okay friend, I will describe two of my old addictions for you:

  • I stopped spending my money on lotto. It was a boring and ineffectual routine. Now I spend the same money on this game and get a lot of fun.
  • Now I watch political news less and I don’t watch various talk shows at all. I spend this time on this site and E&P news with a more interest. And I feel this change has noticeably strengthened my nervous system. :wink:

How do you like that, @kaiaforizo13?

Best wishes, :slight_smile:


Fun Game Mechanics

I agree

The game is the most fun from Stronghold Lv1 to Lv12 ( core 3* heroes )

Slightly less fun from Stronghold Lv13 to Lv20 ( core 4* heroes )

Click for Stronghold Lv20, and higher

More like an after school job for pocket money at Stronghold Lv20 to Lv21 ( first rainbow 5* 3.70 team )

[Consider switching from Empires and Puzzles to Puzzle Combat once you have a good rainbow 5* 3.70 team ]

An actual job at Stronghold Lv22 to Lv23 ( core 5* heroes )

Community service at Stronghold Lv24+ ( looking at you Alchemy Lab v2.0 and Hero Academy Lv10 )


If you like progressing in the game, finding a good alliance family is highly recommended ( see notes )


Click for notes

Stronghold 24+

([Rant] An unhealthy obsession with Stronghold 25)

Alliance Family

Empires and Spreadsheets


([Repost, Training Camps] Recruit training - common training ( RT01 ) to Legendary training ( RT20 ) - Advice, Stats, and Math)

Food / Iron Hoard

(What are the best Alchemy Lab levels to hoard food/ iron?)



Healing, friendship and fun.


This pretty much sums it up for me. I’m never going to even try to compete at the higher levels. I just like challenging myself and seeing myself get better, little by little. I also do enjoy the animation and the cool character design (that’s the artist in me!)

Also, this is kind of funny, but I originally started playing it because it came pre-installed on my phone. :laughing: No lie, I had just gotten a new phone and I started looking through the pre-installed games to see if there were any worth playing. I enjoy match-3 games but they can get stale after a while, so I like that E&P has more going on than just the match-3 aspect. It’s a different kind of challenge than what I normally do in my typical “time waster” games, and I like that.


It was fun getting newer better heroes which used to happen once a week or once a month. Now that I’m level 74 it’s more like once a year so it’s much less fun than it once was. I guess I still follow the gambler’s fallacy that I’m due for something good soon.

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I did not play lotto and other such games but I am not going to play either! I was never a fan of internet games but with this game I got stuck and even worse! Imagine that in the beginning I played it for fun! the time even more! Until one day my wife realized it and the disaster happened! After the scene I save more money since I am free to do what I want! This is how it seems to you my friend!
In fact, when I pull I put my children and my wife sometimes (when she has an appetite) and I inform you that they have great luck, especially my little daughter!


Why i still play?
I ask this same question by myself every day, but cannot answer.

Its long time nothing fun anymore, just feel ■■■■ every time i log in and see those fake boards. Give feedback to support but they are not very clever, just copy paste some fake explain every time

Regret i ever start play this.

This is a large part of it. I want to get better at wars, raids and raid tournies. Events I have pretty much given up on - top 10k/top 5k is all I am willing and able to chase for. Titans and mythic titans I do OK in but these are so dependent on having certain heroes that skill plays a much lesser factor (It is no coincidence that since getting 3* yellow food guy in knights portal that my titan scores are on average higher) so I will just do my best there and improve as those heroes trickle in.

However with tournies, raids and wars skill plays the largest factor and this is where I want to improve. My current war average over 30 wars is 262, and I want this to get better despite ever harder war defenses and despite my roster “falling behind” (i.e. not pulling any new OP 5*s). In case you can’t tell, I am being sarcastic here - unless you have a predominantly vanilla S1 roster I don’t think falling behind is an issue for months or years to come, despite the rate of power creep and despite LBs (this is because you always have a huge advantage in offense as long as you put your team together smartly and play smartly). Once I get to an average of 300 I think I will quite because if I am ever at that stage the game is probably easy to the point of being boring. I don’t want perfection, but I do enjoy the quest to seek perfection.

And on that journey experimenting with heroes and synergies and stragies is extremely rewarding - few things (other than pulling a sought after 5*) have the same feeling of satisfaction as finding a way to use a previously unloved or unused hero in an effective way. I just found a new team combo with Ferrant, Frosth, Noor, baldur and a healer that is extremely effective against most teams with a Freya tank and playing with a team with a completely different style of play brings a freshness into the experience.

As part of the above comes the customisation aspect. I don’t think there is much customisation within each hero but at the roster level there is a huge scope for it. This is one of the reasons I am realling enjoying LBs because I can take a holistic look at my roster to decide exactly where I utilise those aethers to patch up weaknesses for my war teams. I now have enough 5* aethers to LB 4 5* heroes but to date I have choosen to LB only 4s and 3s because those have the most value add/impact to my style of play. And facing 3-5 LB’d 5s in defense just doesn’t have the same overall impact as LBing key heroes (whethere 3, 4 or 5) in your offense.

There are a whole lot of things that can be done better/fixed in this game, and a whole lot of things I find tedious. But focusing on those things that bring me fun and challenge is what keeps me coming back each day. Oh and this forum too - I love helping those who want to get help, or who themselves like to help others. And I enjoy arguing with those who don’t. Oh, that reminds me:

What kinds of boards do you want to see exactly? They are digital which by its very definition is “fake”. Or could you perhaps be talking about something else? :thinking:


Still a better match-3 than candy crush.

I wanna see fair random boards.

I have great new for you! Each and every board is both fair, and random. Hope this helps you to now enjoy your playing experience

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Ok thank you. You sounds just like those support who copy paste same “truth”


You are very welcome! And you sound just like those who like to blame any and all made up external factors rather than trying to get better


I play because I like the graphics of the game the layout and yes I was one that was complaining alot but now I just love the new friends I’ve made and I love finding new things out about the game. Each day brings me new excitement. I love playing this game now. I get to help my team understand the game better.


Thank you for the comment Homeclease. Good to know that you shouldn’t write anything here criticizing this “awesome” game. I will try to avoid this forum if this is just place where is better to say only positive things for game .

Have you met this forum? 9/10 topics are about criticising the game. This is a rare positive thread and should be kept so. But even if you still wanted to criticise I’d recommend going with factual arguments rather than unsubstantiated conjecture fueled by your own confirmation bias


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