Why did they get the same points from a smaller team power


Team points in war is based on the overall health of the defending team. The higher they are, the higher the possible score the attacker can get. 1500 points is proportionately divided among the members opting for war. The point distribution is based on total team health of the defending heroes per defending team.


As @Ultra says

So a team of 5 Gormek would be worth loads more than a team of five Colen because even though the team power would be practically equal, te Gormek team would have a combined 2000 extra HP

That may or may not be a good way to divide points, but it’s just how it is.


The thing is the TP difference, 3900 vs 4500 same points 78 war points

Yes, TP has no bearing on war score

Observe, I’ve set two teams, one of high HP, super chunky but older heroes.

I then set a team of high power new heroes. They have a much higher TP but lower total HP and so are worth fewer points.


Because and say it with me “team power is a completely useless number and says absolutely nothing about the true power of a team either offense or defense”.

I never understood why so many people rely on TP, try to build teams with maximum TP or get frightened/relieved when they see an opponent with more/less TP than they themselves have. I mean, yeah TP gives you maybe a rough idea about what you are facing, but much more important is team composition.
My highest TP team would be a 3 color all healer travesty, completely useless for all aspects of the game.

As how the points for war are calculated @Ultra already explained in detail…