Can someone explain how the War Points generation for each team works? Why are teams with higher Team Power (TP) sometimes worth fewer points than weaker teams?

we’ve noticed that some of the bigger teams are worth less points than smaller teams not just within our alliance but also between us and our opponants can someone explain how the points are calculated?

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In short, it’s based on health points, not team power.

The field of all teams is worth a fixed number of points, and the points for each team (and hero on each team), are determined based on the proportion of health points they have to the total health points of all of the teams.


Ok that makes sence thank you


Hi… can someone explain me why my defense gives 51 points in the current war with 5 epic troops and when i change that 5 troops for comun troops at level 1 the points increase from 51 to 53 ?? Usually strongest defenses gives more points but when i put my team weaker (in troops) the amount of points increases instead…
Also i have a team menber around 4200 power with more Hp and that gives 54 points and next to him theres a player with less power 4020 and less total Hp and his defense gives 56 points… Weaker defense but gives more points.

Anyone knows how this work??

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Mana troops doesn’t increase health score.
Points are awarded by damaging heroes: more overall hp = more points.


It’s all about your teams HP after troop bonus. All 5 of those lower level troops give your heroes an HP bonus whereas only 2 of the higher level ones do.

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Score is based on the amount of health of all your heroes.

Check out your heores with 2* troops: 6591 total health

Now check out your heroes with 4* troops: 6465 total health

First team will be more valuable than second, even when second is stronger (the 4* troops you selected don’t increase as much health as your 2* troops)

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Is there a method for the points being assigned? I understand it is 1500 spread out across the team, but some of the team point assignments make no sense. I would expect a more difficult team to always be worth more points.

Current war has a 4136 team worth 80 points. Three teams well over 4200 are worth 75, 78, and 80. No teams had been defeated when I checked, in case there is some kind of diminishing returns on subsequent defeats.

Some of the points are allocated based on your strongest defence HP.

This is why fielding 5 Aife is a recipe for disaster.

But alliance strategy might preclude a player from using that defence.

For instance, if my alliance runs red tanks, I use 4* Boldtusk, even though it drops my score from it’s maximum.

But my the points available for defeating me still reflect my maximum.

@kerridoc, correct me if I’ve got it wrong)

The points are based purely on total HP (life points) of the team. Team power isn’t considered.


Not quite.

  • 500 points are divided evenly among each team (rounding up)
  • 1,000 points are divided pro rata by HP as modified by troops.

The Team Power score is not relevant.


What I meant was the point difference between teams is based solely on HP. Bonus points are divided equally among teams so the only difference are HP-based points.


its one big nonsens,how its about points,and base hp of team.I destroy team with 3700 power and got 168 points and enemy destry my team wit3700 pover and hes got 216 points wtf unfail logick ? rebalance it!

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