Who Would You Use For Defense?

Just wondering what team people would put out for defense with my heroes…

I seem to have quite a few healers and slow mana damage heroes. I can’t decide on which to use to set up my defense.

Any advice appreciated!


Where are you sitting as far a raid arena?

I would say Rigard for sure. He has saved me so much with so many Gravemakers out there.

I might double purple and stick Quintus in a corner. Although I am not sure how reliable he is at 3/70 (I don’t have him) but if he goes off it hurts.

I don’t like Grimm on defense but he should work for you.

Chao is solid in Platinum.

Then I might throw BT in the center.

Something like. Quintus Chao BT Grimm Rigard

Defenses never hold cups so it is just trial and error to see what holds best. I break top 100 and 15 minutes later I am back at 2500ish cups. So offense will do it mostly with defense just keeping you afloat.

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At the moment, since the last hour, I’m using

Rigard - Grimm - Boldtusk - Chao - Quintus, which is weird as that’s the team you suggested but in a different order!

Generally hovering around the 2000 cup mark, though I have been up to 2500 and down to 1800 odd in the last few weeks!

Quintus is good if he stays alive long enough to hit, he really hurts if Grimm has hit a few too.

I’d like to use Kashrek but I cant get the sheilds to ascend him fully, I think he would be a pain if Elena was sat next to him (if I could ever max her out and add some defense to her)

Do you not rate Grimm on defense then? I pretty much have him in the hope he hits before Quintus as the - defense is lethal with Quintus doing 270% odd damage

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That is strange.

I have been up to 2750 cups and down to just under 2400 if I get hit hard.

Kash is a good tank especially where you are at. He was my last regular 4* I pulled so I have never even leveled him at this point. At this point I think I like the Rigard/BT combo.

Grimm i never used on defense. I thought he was a bit squishy. And I had Isarnia so she got the nod.

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I only have two Gimm’s above 3* as you can see so I don’t really have any other options.

I regret not saving my sheilds that I used on Little John, at the time I only had him as a green attacker and as I had Rigard, Boldtusk and Melendor for healing I didn’t think i’d need Kashhrek. Now I never find sheilds and think I could make a good defense around him seeing how I finally have a reposte hero in Elena.

Her defense isn’t high enough for a tank, specially as she is slow mana. Next to Kash I think it would be an annoying pair to come up against

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I agree with Elena next to Kash. She hits underwhelming and has a low defense but the riptose is nice.

If you do get Kash up put her between Kash at tank and maybe Grimm in the corner. With Rigard (Corner) and Chao (Flank) on the other side.

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I thought Elena had really good attack? Isn’t het attack stat when fully levelled over 800? Or did you mean the’damage all’ part of her special?

I was hoping to level her then use emblems to buff her defense up. Hopefully she would live long enough with Kash healing her to be a real nuisense

Elena is awesome and her low defense is part of her riposte magic. Between Boril (high def, low hp) and Cyprian (low def, high hp) it’s Cyp that causes most riposte damage because he gets hurt more.

She’s got over 800 attack so she’s a lock for green titan hits too.

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Rigard, Grimm, BT, Little John, Chao.

Best rainbow D you can make…

I’d recommend maxing Kiril too if you have him.

That’s a good point about her taking damage to do damage, hadn’t thought of it like that!

Hmmm, maye I should buff her attack then (in the distant future when I can actually ascend her).

Or would health be the best way? As she will still take the damage due to her low defense but will live longer due to her higher HP, enabling the opponent to hit her more often and take damage themselves??

Regarding Little John… Really not impressed by much that he does. I don’t have much of a problem facing him in raids, maybe because my strongest colour is red.

Wish I had Kiril!

I’d buff her attack and HP to maximise her riposte and AoE.

I suggested Little John due to his AoE mana cut. If you run BT as a Tank (given your current heroes you should), you’ll draw a blue stack in attack. Green is strong against this an LJ will hit all and slow down their specials charging which occurs a lot on a healer tank.

Skittles could go in LJs place but does an atk debuff which is easily overwritten by an attack buff or dispelled altogether.

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I just wish LJ either slowed mana for 4 turns instead of 3 or was made to an average speed hero.

I’ve literally just got the final tabard I needed to get Quintus to his final ascention. I only have Rigard and Balthazar as Purple heroes other than him so think I will use the mats

Edit - and Boomer but he’s lame

I wouldn’t ascend Quintus further. Those mats are so hard to come by and there are many better dark heroes, include TC ones.

Ideally, get Kashrek maxed as he’s a great little 4* tank. His immediate high heal three and red elemental defense makes him hard to kill on anything but a decent board which means your attacking flanks will charge up.

You’ve also got Falcon who is supreme - get him going with Grimm and Colen that’s guranteed 3+ dead heroes.

Chao, Falcon, Kashrek (or Rigard), Grimm, Colen can be devastating.

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