I need some real help in pulling together a good Defence team for platinum

Hi. I could do with some help in what I should focus on to get me a good defence team that will get me / keep me in platinum grade. Can you help?
Don’t bother about levels my heroes are at, I can get the right heroes in my defence team soon …

I currently run a set defence team with: Left to right : Sonya, Rigard, Onatel, Tiburtus, Boldtusk, all on max

My 5* heroes are:
Red Hood

My 4* heroes are:
Little John
Wu Kong
Guardian Jackal
Li Xiu
Cpt of Diamonds
Hu Tao

Thanks in anticipation

Rigard - Red Hood - Onatel - Richard - Kadilen

Though I’d also entertain the idea of switching Richard and Onatel positions


Many thanks. It’s much appreciated.

Rigs Red Richy Anz Ona


Thank you. It’s much appreciated. You went for a second Red and no Green …

This is exactly I thought.

But all depend on your 4* troops

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Got four star troops in all colours and multiples in all colours. But I just can not get 4* Green troops.

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Well, not bad.

Kadilen in any flank with 3* defensive troop is not the worst.

All heros at max must stay you at +2400 cups.

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Many thanks. Your advice is really appreciated

Rigard - Red - Richard - Onatel - Quintus

The middle-3 will buy you time for Quintus to launch.
Rigard does what is supposed to do.

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With Bt’s buff, Quintus will blow away a team of maxed 4 * provided that he stay long enough to cast his special.
Rigard, Red Hood, Onatel, Richard, Kadilen for a rainbow team. Else, Quintus.
Btw, the combination will keep you in diamond, high platinum arena. I stay in diamond with just a single 5 * hero. Down to platinum at times but with right stacking, a climb back to lower diamond is a breeze.

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Thank you. Will now need to consider what I do with Quintus.

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Thank you AliceCooper. Your advice is much appreciated… and a second vote for Quintus …

I used to raid with Quintus, Wu, Kiril, Sonya and Rigard. The 2 healer is useful to keep both Wu and Quintus alive. Battle could drag for more than 4 minutes with Quintus being the match winner.

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I’ve never liked healers as a wing (i.e. Rigard). By the time they light off, there’s noone left to heal!

Instead, maybe try; Kadilen, Red Hood, Richard, Anzgoh, and Leonidas

Kadilen’s special defense is often overlooked, as is Red’s damage to all. Leo is a tough sniper these days with his damage buff. Having reds around Richard should help to guard against green stacks. Give it a shot!

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Agreed, I don’t know much about top defensive combinations but I do know when I’m attacking I consider a healer on the wing almost a non factor.

Healers like Rigard at tank (saw it talked about up thread) also seems like a bad idea. If I just dump tiles into Rigard tank sure he has a good shot to fire but then I charge all my hitters / snipers and wipe out the dangerous hero’s from full HP and my teams still fairly healthy.

Healers at flank seem to make the most sense, still protected by the tank and can catch stray tiles to charge fast enough to maybe even keep the tank in it. If you must put a healer at tank I like Boldtusk because he’s tanky and buffs the whole team, and can also revive from fighter talent and pop his heal if he was charged on kill.

I’ve heard Quintus is pretty bad but that’s only relative when compared to other high end 5 stars. For just holding 1800 trophies / platinum I could see him doing well. I hover between 1800-2000 and have certainly lost to him with my roster before.


This is on the ground that you have a very good board, I have actually tried it on a war defense one time, Rigard as a tank, flanked by fast mana snipers and I was amazed at how many got their flags wasted.
Although it also depends on the raid arena, sometimes in high gold/lower platinum I left same arrangement overnight and was also amazed at the number of cups gained vs losses.

Sometimes the same conception is to dumb tiles on the harmless tank but then unfavorable board caused unavoidable charging of the flanks and may be problematic when you have two men down.

However, in higher arena, tanks that can pose threats / damage are much better and I agree healers then are more effective at corners.


On the contrary, by having Rigard at tank it let’s me dump bad tiles into him without fear of a nasty special coming my way, in other words it gives me time to fix a bad board. Unless you’re talking about a board that is so bad you literally can’t make any good moves down the center but in that case, it doesn’t really matter who’s at tank does it?

And war is totally different, where Rigard’s ability to tank and buy time means arrows / field aid / attack boost is assisting your defense more and more.

This is just what I see from my experience. It’s actually very similar with Keshrek who is suppose to be a top tier tank. If I see him, Rigard, Melandor, Sabina, etc at tank and I’m only 200-300 team power lower I’m taking that fight. Maybe it has to do with my roster, maybe it has to do with my play style or both but I have such a good win rate against them that I don’t shy away, I’m happy to see them at tank.

If that’s not the norm then fair enough.

Many thanks, much appreciated

Thank you. Your input is much appreciated

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