Grimble deserve 4 ascend?

Does Grimble deserve 4 ascend?

He is average wait for a better dark hero

have 2x quintos 1obakan and Grimble

They are not better than grimble, just wait for the
next dark HOTM


Thats pretty silly advice - wait 6 months to ascend a character there is only a SMALL chance of getting. Grimble is not bad, works well with a stack. Better than obakan and quintus i think. Depending on what you want to achieve and how many ascension mats you have it may he worth ascending him. I have hi at 4/80+9




As you concluded from the context above perhaps, it depends.

All things considered, I would still rate him higher than Quintus and Obakan. If they are the only heroes you have and expect to have for a long time, Grimble is the better choice.

If you plan on summoning in close future, or actively use TC20 with a chance of Sartana or Domitia, better save those tabards. It takes about 3-6 months to gather complete set.


I have 8 tabard
2 Quintus
2 Obakan
Then I got 2 Grimbles

I was hesitant to level any of those to 4th tier.
After a wait, got Domitia, still wasn’t sure.
Until Sartana came knocking on Teltoc pulls

Now it’s simple.

If I hadn’t got Sartana or Domitia, Id end up leveling Quintus. As I have costumed Tiburtus. Their combo is devastating. Similar to Wilbur and Azlar.

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Ride the goat dwarf. :wink:

Good flank with another purple on the other wing and a yellow tank.

Stats and being cleric - okay.

What does your def look like?


In my honest opinion, he is like Miki. Does not deserve 4 ascend.
Because Miki sturdy enough for Titam 10* and below.
Grimble is also sturdy enough for smashing all minion generator opponents.

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My poor alt account has no 5* heroes besides TWO Grimbles :frowning: I’m still thinking about, but have enough to do with 4* heroes there…

Lol i have similar issue to most players here. I have max of the two female dark classic heroes. My dark options now is grimble n the two dark male classic. Mostly likely go for grimble unless i get someone better. At least he is good when up against minions

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In my honest opinion, you could wait months for a better hero if you rely on TC20.
Quintus with a costume is good.
I would max Quintus before Grimble
Good luck

Quintus deals huge damage with special and very high tile damage too.

Grimble is great against minions and pretty “meh” anywhere else.

I’d go Quintus in a moment normally… But niche hero’s have a place in deeper benches.

I guess it depends what else OP has?

Miki is amazing, Grimble sucks. The end

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True of Miki, Grimble’s okay but very niche… His point was that both do their job well enough at 3/70 to not be priorities for AM’s (for most players).

I leveled Tarlak ahead of Mother North, 2nd Kingston.
He has been amazing for me ever since.
Both my raids and titan score have went up.
Miki is arguably even better then Tarlak. And only argument would be slow bs average mana. Everything else is on Miki.
I would get him to 4th with no 2nd thoughts.

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G.O.A.T. - Greatest Of All Time



Miki is definitely better on titans… On raids? Nah - that proviso about HP<target isn’t helpful on raids.

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20 steaming goat turds

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