Karil & Costume - worth leveling up or not?

Karil was the last 3* hero I got, and I fed him away, as I was working on 4* and 5* by the time he showed up. I got him from the Costume Chamber, and am looking for feedback.

I’m somewhat tight on roster space, and he only will see any use in 3* limited things, and maybe the Tavern of Legends, but I have plenty of 3* for that. I have all the Season 1 blue 3* heroes already maxed, plus Gato, Vodnik, & Chick Jr.

  • Costumed Karil is good
  • Costumed Karil is so-so
  • Costumed Karil is poor

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Thanks for your vote & any other input.

I haven’t levelled mine for similar reasons to you. That being said I have been tempted for the costume bonus if nothing else. His regular is a hard hitter if he stays alive that is. His costume is interesting because he is an ice hero that inflicts burn. His costume isn’t a must for me yet. But I will probably get around to it eventually.
Edit: I still have my regular karil levelled. I like how he pairs with nordri. (If he stays alive long enough. He seems kind of squishy to me)

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I have both him and Nordri at +18, with Karil on max costume too. They absolutely wreck in events and tourneys, at same mana speed


If your going for a fast times on events he’s a hero that people use as stated. But if not and have other projects to work on I’d would leave it if you need the space. I got prisca and renfeld form costume chamber feed them straight away as need the space as there other people I’m working on before they see any attention. Costume will always be there and 3* s1 hero’s ain’t exactly hard to get :wink:

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Yes Karil in costume is worth a max.
I did mine and have him in my blue mono 3 star team.
He works really well


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