Valen or karil

Which one to use in story game? I just summoned Valen, Is he good?

Valen. Though it wouldn’t hurt to level both.


I had karil and asked advice on my 3* rainbow team
People did say if you can get valen, gunner or umer they would be a better fit than karil.

Valen is one of few 3* heroes that can lower an enemy’s defense, and he has fast Mana. I strongly recommend using him over Karil, though as @Ashland said it might be a good idea to eventually have both available for tournaments, raid stacking, and war teams.


In my honest opinion it has to be Valen 100% before Karil

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Of 5 classic 3* Ice Heroes, Karil is the only one that doesn’t have an immediate secondary supporting effect on his special.

Gunnar - Spirit Link, Defense Up, Slow Charge
Graymane - Single Target, HP Steal back, Normal Charge
Valen - Single Target, Defense Down, Fast Charge
Ulmer - All Targets, Defense Down, Slow Charge
Karil - Splash Damage, Normal Charge

He is definitely serviceable to an extent if you need an able bodied hero for war / event. I had Karil for the majority of my start game since he was the only one I seem to be able to get from my summons and proved to be reliable in the earlier parts of the map. But at higher map provinces where you actually do need some supporting effects, he might seem a bit lackluster. I eventually replaced him with Ulmer (who is squishier and needed to be babied more, but the defense down if I can get it fired off is sometimes what saved my neck). I actually didn’t get Valen until I am into my TC13 training and by then I’ve moved on to other more powerful heroes than Ulmer.

But if I had gotten Valen before I got Karil, I would’ve definitely stick with Valen because the Defense Down on the enemies is one way to make sure you do more damage per hit. Do not overlook Gunnar, whose spirit link and defense up is key if you have a low defense oriented group, his slow mana charge is the downside, of course.


Maxing Karil for a rainbow 3* team wouldn’t be good. Valen hits harder than him and has that nice def down effect.

That doesn’t mean he’s bad tho. Imo Karil works way better in a blue stack. Firing his special after Ulmer’s does a lot of damage to the last 3 rare event bosses.

Ulmer does have a heavy tile hit aswell! Seen people use him in titan matches just for that affect!

Ok and now what should I leave here?empires

Feed Dawa to Bane and the Torils to Valen. If you don’t have another red, level Kelile until you get a 3 red. Level Layla until you get Tyrum, Balthazar, or Chochin and Brogan if you don’t have a 3* green.

Depends I wouldn’t feed any 3* as they be more useful if you do war in the future!
Level bane to the max! Kilian is better than dawa but still keep both!
Keep Layla level once max good!
Level red 4*

Rest not worth y’all time

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Karil = blue Dawa. Need I say more?

don’t feed any of your 3* away just yet. you may need to color stack them later on, or use them in wars. keep Dawa for now - but don’t level her yet. You never know when you will get a better Yellow.

for your Yellows do Bane, then Kailani. then review your roster before deciding what to do with Dawa

Valen for sure.

He is bad, but not that bad lol. Being blue means he gets to have fun in blue color stacks. With Valen and Ulmer casting defense down, Karil’s skill becomes much more useful. Dawa does not have any yellow allies that bring defense down, and Melia’s crit boost only affects tile damage so her skill wounds up being a wet noodle forever.

Here is a comparison between the Ramming Rush users in stats:

:crossed_swords: 484, :shield: 378, :heart: 733
:crossed_swords: 453, :shield: 417, :heart: 764
:crossed_swords: 488, :shield: 391, :heart: 679

Dawa is universally considered terrible for having awful health, which makes her durability much worse than the other two. Karil isn’t great either but the points mentioned above make him better than Dawa for me to at least consider keeping one for raid tournaments.

But the only one I find pretty useful myself is Isshtak, he’s actually pretty bulky and makes him a good choice for 3* tournament defense, and for very fast offense.

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