Who to keep / lose / make teams with

Hi all!

Apologies if this is a bit of an ask - I’ve been playing for a long time, and want to de-clutter my heroes, and make sure I’m focusing more on putting the right heroes together, as well as having the right ones to focus on level-up wise.

I’ve read a lot of the guides on grades of characters, but then trying to factor that in, plus color block teams, newer heroes, complementary skillsets, elemental links, different starred/conditioned missions/wars/tournaments, hero families, etc., I’ve got a little confused! :sweat_smile:

If anyone is able to give me some advice on who to focus on, drop, put in team, use as fodder etc. I’d be very grateful!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Green: stop feeding Horghall, he is only good for firewood. Finish Lianna, then do Jack O’Hare

Red: Marjana is your best five if you get rings. Stop Colen and do BT and Scarlett first, BT particularly is one of the best around and great for emblems. My BT is at 70+19 and is bloody brilliant

Yellow: finish Kailani then start Vivica

Blue: Finish your ascended Sonya then Kiril

Purple: finish your ascended Tiburtus, and take Khiona to 70

Stop changing your mind. Pick five heroes, one of each colour, then max them as far as your materials allow

And you won’t need three Nashgar etc. I do think keeping heaps of heroes is good but there is quite a few you could use as feeders. I think if you might ever promote them, buying extra slots is better than feeding away something useful


Thank you so much! I appreciate it.

I basically needed someone to Marie Kondo this setup, and now it’s a little clearer in my head.

I sometimes end up levelling the wrong heroes while I’m waiting for ascension items for my 4/5* heroes, and then end up with all these half-levelled ones knocking about, then randomly pull a good 4/5* that’s better than the one i’m background levelling, and think ‘ahh…who next?’ and then finally get the required ascension items so hop back to levelling the main hero, and then I have a mix of;

-semi levelled I’m invested in that aren’t amazing
-my mains who i’m waiting for ascension item pulls
-ones that apparently are really good but I’ve only just got them and I’m like ‘urgh what about the semi levelled guys…’

This has cleared up a lot of my confusion on this though, so thanks again! :slight_smile:


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