Who to Ascend for depth/wars/titans/events

My Current Defence team is C-Kiril+20, GM+4, Telly+9, Sartana+3, Joon+8.

Looking to ascend other heroes for War/Titan depth and possible defence team replacement.

Current Notable Maxed outside Defense:
C-Rigard+19, Horghall+6, C-Boldtusk+18, C-Tibertus, C-Melendor, Gormek+19, Wu, Brynhild, Sonya.

Notable options to fully ascend:
Blue: Snow, Richard, Isarnia, Triton, Grimm, Jott, Mireweave
Purple: Domitia, C-Quintus, Merlin, Fura, Jabbar, Stonecleave
Yellow: Danzaburo, Chao (yes my yellow options are sad)
Green: Lianna, Elkanen, Margaret, C-Kashrek, Gobbler
Red: Jean-Franqois, Azlar, Tyr, Wilbur, Noor, Marjana, Elena, Lancelot, Shadereave

Who helps/war/event/titans? Does anyone improve my Defense team? Who do I prioritize?

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To start, don’t worry about your raid defense team, it’s already good enough. It’ll improve all by itself as your roster expands and you have more options. Your WAR defense is another issue, but we’ll need to know if your alliance requires a specific tank color to advise on that.

I would prioritize heroes that add to your titan hits first. They’ll be useful in war, and Titans provide the most ascension materials of any single facet of the game.

With that in mind:
Blue: Triton > Grimm > Snow White
Purple: Merlin > Domitia > C.Quintus
Yellow: Danzaburo, then wait - Chao becomes obsolete very fast.
Green: C.Kashrek > Lianna > Margaret
Red: Wilbur!!! > Lancelot > Jean-Frank

Wilbur is a key hero for many situations, maybe focus on him first. Joon is good at +8, maybe some emblems can go to WuKong/Wilbur?

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Wilbur, Tyr, Lianna would be my preferred choices.

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We do not currently coordinate tanks, we are more of a casual alliance. We do OK in wars and are at 7* titans.

Since you don’t coordinate tanks, you’re not going to do better than Telly up front.

From your roster, the best I can think of for war defense would be:

Sartana - GM - Telly - Snow White - Joon

or if you prefer having a healer on defense:

C.Kiril - GM - Telly - Joon - Sartana

Yes, Snow is slow, but you have 3 fast hitters w/ Sart, Joon, and GM. If she fires, it’s very hard for the enemy to recover.

I do recommend a healer being on board for wars with Field Aid.

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I have been tossing around fully ascending Snow, but can’t quite pull the trigger for some reason. I feel she could be paired very nicely with JF or Wilbur for a nuke hit on war team. If I level snow I debated swapping Sartana for C-Rigard when I run 2 healers (telly included) Snow, C-Rigard, Telly, GM, Joon?. Ideally I think if I got C-Magni I could swap for Karil and C-Rigard for Sartana. Ariel in direct swap for Kiril could work also. But moot point with not having those 2.

I’ve speaking from personal experience with Snow White - when fighting her, I make sure she goes down early. That big smash is like 5x sniper hits with enough buffs removed…

JF + Snow have great synergy, and Wilbur makes it even crazier.

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I know the feeling of ‘should I do it!!!’ when ascending…

I waited most of July, but Noor got my rings this morning. No regrets.

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I agree with most of the advice you’ve been given. Since you have a great green tank, C Kashhrek is pretty niche, Buff tourneys, so I would de-prioritize him.

Wu and Wilbur are crucial for titans. I don’t think either needs (many) emblems for 7* titans, but both are worthy if you have a lot of monk emblems.

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How is Noor? That is another one that is intriguing, but all you see are haters on her right now so she fell down my list a bit.

I used her quite a bit at 3.70 on hardmode S3 map battles during the last month, and I run her alongside Freya (who is almost at 80). Once the birds start stacking up, the team becomes very well protected, and the damage becomes meaningful.

If you’ve been in the forums for a while, you’ll notice - people HATE heroes when they come out, even Telluria had people saying ‘meh,’ and look at her! I always give it a month, and simply ignore the first 30 days of comments on a hero. Once people USE them, they change their opinions quickly.

If Noor was average, I’d say she was an A grade hero, but at slow, she’s OK.

My reds besides Noor are C.Elena, Grazul, and Natalya. I like having the variety of abilities. I ascended her ahead of C.Elena#2, Azlar, and Khagan.

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I agree, I like variety, it’s just a game right? Why not try different things? I think moving Noor to Avg would be a big deal and I can see why you would pair with Freya, that boost could make things very interesting.

Lianna I can dump emblems in to so that would help her…

Depending on your ascension mats availability I would prioritize Isarnia over Grimm she is less squishy and has a higher defense down which will work better for titans and even though she is slow on offense she hits like a beast.

Lianna is still one of the best snipers in the games and costumed Kash is quite cool so they would both be my green priorities.

Wilbur is a game changer, followed by Marjana (only red sniper), JF (special counter defense down and has save my bacon against, Kunch, Isarnia, C-Viv etc many times. Also a free hit against counterattacking heroes as he is only DoT).


I have enough to do at least 1 5* of each color AND a couple 4s.