Help with a team, please

Hello there!
I got several 4* and 5* heroes and I‘m wondering who I should be using in my teams.

I got the following heroes:
5* yellow - Leonidas (1/22)
5* purple - Domitia (2/10)

4* red - Boldtusk (3/6), Gormek (2/50), Scarlett (1/1)
4* blue - Boril (3/34)
4* green - Melendor (2/24), Kashhrek (2/50), Hansel (1/1)
4* yellow - Li Xiu (1/1), Wu Kong (2/50)
4* purple - none

Which ones should be in my defense team and which in my raid team? It doesn‘t matter, if it‘s a 1/1 hero currently, I will focus on leveling him/her up with the help of the guides I read here.

Please give me an explanation on your choices, if you can, as I want to understand the game better :grin::grin::grin:

Your raid team should change with the opponent.

Your best defense from that…

1- Domitia (until 4/80, then move to #2)
2- Boldtusk
3- Boril
4- Gormek
5- Leonidas (until 4/80, then move to #4)

To clarify, your raid team should (for best results) double up on the strong color with the best heroes for the other 3 colors.

(e.g. 2 red v green tank, etc).

So, that is up to you.

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