Who should I level, and who should I get rid of

I’m stuck in deciding which heros to level and which ones I should consume to feed my others. I have a ton if duplicates which is okay, but I really dont know if I need 5 G. Falcons. Thanks in advance for any help.

This is a mess.

Stop whatever you are doing and start setting priorities. Like farming, like raiding, like building a base.

To make lemonade here, Proteus, Aegir (stop feedong him now), Caedmon, Li Xiu and Colen will be a start for farming and raodong. They won’t work well together, but well enough to grow feeder heroes and resources.

You have a lack of leveled healers, but with Melendor having been advanced I suggest working on Rigard before Victor (5* won’t help as much). Grimm is another need as your current blue is only good for tile damage, and you need an attacker.

The 4* heroes you need to max on that bunch are Kiril, Wu, Hansel and Gretel. This group will work with Colen. They will win ascension materials to get your 5*s up. I would like Falcon more, but Colen is swole and Zim currently is your red of the future.


If you would like hands on sort of help, I am Troll Akademi. That is a training alliance. Just ask you download the Line messaging app when you join.

Time to stop spending and start leveling. Pick one core group and work on them first. I am not fond of multiples of the same hero and would suggest feeding extras.

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I’d go with:

Yellow: Wu, Jackal, Chao
Blue: Kiril, Grimm, Sonya
Purple: Rigard, Tiburtus, Sabina
Red: Sumitomo, Gormek, Boldtusk
Green: Caedmon, Melendor, Kashrek

But I’m pretty new so maybe my thoughts are bad.

I imagine that you’re not lacking ascension mats looking at your roster. And those heroes can be pretty usefull.

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This is a mess… I agree. Seems like you just dumped cash in on summons, with no means of progression.

Id keep 3 falcons. Youll need 6 good healers for AW. 2 cade. 2 boldy and 2 gormek.

Your roster is quite overwhelming…

It’s okay, I would just focus on one hero in each color at a time. If you spread your feeders around to too many heroes at once, it slows your progress down significantly. Now, I’d suggest working on 4* first since they’re the strongest without using unfarmables, and much faster to level than 5*. Start your 5* after you have a few teams of 4* put together and you’re close to having all of the necessary mats to ascend them. 3* are your inbetween projects. Start them while you’re waiting on mats or when you have no one else to level, since you’ll want them for the beginner tier of the challenge event and to fill in some spots in your war bench (until you get all of these heroes you have leveled).

Also, I would only keep one dupe of the good heroes, maybe two if they’re really good 4* (& maybe 3* for beginner event). If you spend a lot on summons, then I’d only keep one dupe of limited time heroes because you’ll probably get more dupes of the regular heroes in the future.

* = Worth a dupe (4*)

Yellow: Since Li is basically done at 60, do Wu Kong* for titans (& ascend all the way if you can), then Jackal** for raids titans and events, Gretel* for mana control, Chao for mana control, and Danza last because he’s unpredictable (4*) Melia since Bane is done (3*)

Purple: Since Proteus** is done, you need a healer so Rigard** will heal and cleanse, then Tibs* for titans and events, then Sabina** for another heal, then Ameonna and Cyprian. (4*) Victor is great with very fast but should wait til after 4* (5*). Prisca is done, so do Chochin next. (3*)

Red: Since Natalya is almost at 60, finish her so you can put her aside (unless you can ascend her all the way) and do Colen since he’s almost done (actually, do him first, then Natalya- too lazy to retype it), start on BT** for buff and heal, then Falcon** for titans, Gormek for titans, Scarlett for high attack stat, then Sumitomo (4*) Finish Zimkitha later for that cleanse, you need 4* now (5*) Since Nashgar is done, Hawkmoon next (3*)

Blue: Might as well finish Aegir to 70 first, then move onto Grimm**- he’s the best pulverizer, then Boril since you started, then Kiril** for the heal and banner, then Sonya* for the fast dispel, and Valeria and Agwe last (4*) Skip Aegir unless you love him (5*) Valen, Ulmer, Gato, Gunnar for the link (3*)

Green: Since Caedmon* is done, start work on Hansel** asap because he’s the best 4*, then Melendor** for the dispel and heal, then Little John, Kash (if you need a solid tank, start him before LJ), Gobbler, dupes then Skittle last (4*) Horghall if you decide you like him and have the mats (5*) Brienne, Belith, Berden, Mnesseus (3*)

That took way too long to type out and my hands are cold, but hopefully that helps somewhat


Y’all are the best, thanks for all the help and time writing out the responses, idk how you do it panda!

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That is a first here for me.

Don’t feel bad, I ended up with 6. Now I have 3 and I can’t see needing/wanting more than that.

BTW, you have several really good 3*s as well. While they aren’t the sexy choice they have their uses.

I hope it helped; if you have anymore questions, feel free to ask anytime :blush: