Who should get my final compass, Danzaburo or Hu Tao?

I have a bit of a dilemma atm. I recently rounded off the Sakura family on every character that is below five stars (My luck with five stars is in the toilet) meaning I have Danzaburo and Ameonna to level up. Thing is I still have Li Xiu, Hu Tao, and Cyprian to ascend to tier 4. Granted I still gotta get 3 more trap tools if I want to ascend Ameonna but I really want to be able to 3 stack against holy titans effectively. I have enough orbs of magic to ascend 2 holy 4 stars.

So the true question is, if it comes down to two holy heroes to choose between to ascend should I ascend Danzaburo to tier 4 or Hu Tao?

I’m new but because of that, I have been reading ALOT! From what i read, Hu Tao is not favored, while Danzaburo is liked by even people who thought at first they would not like him. The consensus was that he is super powerful on his 2 specials, if you can stomach the times he freezes.


Different strokes for different folks. Hu Tao did get a buff but some people don’t like slow mana characters. Very funny to me because there’s alot of 5* slow characters that some consider great. Me personally I prefer a guaranteed attack over a chance attack.

If your question is Danzaburo vs Hu Tao, then the decision boils down to this:

If the hero you ascend will be replacing someone on your Raid Defense, then it should be Hu Tao… especially if it’s the middle (tank) position. Danzaburo at tank is risky because if he freezes, the opponent can just dump tiles into him for two turns without worrying about charging him up again.

But if you are including the others you listed, I’d also suggest Li Xiu, especially if Raid Defense is in mind. I still use her now on my defense, heavy with Monk emblems, and I rarely drop out of Diamond (it happened once in the past couple weeks).

Good gaming!


@Fizban This situation has been made worse now that I pulled Sonya out of an Atlantis Summon. This is my first time getting her and I know she is a good fast striker debuffer who is what I need aside from a debuffer healer. I have enough capes for her, it is just my compass situation that is making me sad. :cry::cry: I have been getting good heroes lately on both my profiles. It is the choice that I do not want to regret later down the road.


I used to use hao tao for wars, but i tried Danzo (and once his special kicks in), he’s brilliant. If he freezes thats a major bummer.

Consider class quest for your decisions :relieved:
Hu can be a threat in vFast 4* raidT and can speed up the farming process of S1-8.7 :rofl:
Danza has 2 5* special and 1 0* special :rofl:.
I love Sonya. Mine is at +10 and i used her a bit as a high-platinum tank. With emblems, she can receive 2 unbuff Liana special and, coupled with Grimm, hit for 700 damage.

Compass comes in faster than gloves, as they are rewarded in most challenge events, so you shouldn’t wait too long before getting another one.
Not knowing your whole roster situation, i would go with Sonya, as you cannot have too many dispeller imo.
Have fun :partying_face:


This is my roster as of right now:

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