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G panther AND Kingston are coming of age but not there yet. At this pt I have 81 fighter emblems trying to decide where to put them. I know IT DEPENDS so below is the depends:
Other fighters: Boldie +20, Boldie +18 ,Colen +7

OTHER GREEN Morgan +18, Lianna +3 , Hansel +18m Evelyn +5, Caedmon +14, c- Melendor +19 , c-Melndor 4-70, Elkman 3-70

OTHER PURPLE:Sartana +1,Khiona +1, c-Regard +19,Seshat +9, Sabrina +19 , Proteus +14, c-Rigard 4-70, proteus 4-70, Domitia 3-70, Jabbar 4-70

Azlar2-38,Marjane+3,2 c-Soyna+20, Joon4-80, G Jackel +16, Onatel +3, Trirtion +7, Grimm+20,Vale4-71,Getel +17

Present Def team Zim+6, c-Vicvi+6, Seshat+9, Drake +9, Morgan +18
When Richard grow up to +2 looking at change Def team to ( about 3 weeks)
Zim, Seshat,c-Vivi, Richard, Morgan

My green goto team at this point, c-Mele, Hansel, evelyn

My purple titan team is C-regard, Seshat and Khiona(due tot the attack buff)

So you should get the fighter emblems? In light of 4*rush tourneys is it worth striping Colen of emblems.
And any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Panther can’t think of a reason. As it’s panther. You prob use both a lot but panther :+1:

Personally if it were Me:

I would be putting them on Kingston & then subbing him into your defence team; probably into the Left Wing position.

If it were me, the defence team would be:
Kingston -> Zimkitha -> Drake Fong -> Seshat -> Morgan Le Fey

Personally think that Drake is a better tank than Seshat is; p.s. where are the rest of the Monk Emblems?

Guvnor the great. Wilber is maxed for the great titan killer. The Monk emblems seem to come more slowly.

Drake better than a costume Vivi?

Ahh missed Costume Viv,

No I would rate Costume Vivica as one of the top tanks in game. 100% would shift ALL cleric emblems to her & then stick her in the middle

Team would be:
Kingston -> Zimkitha -> Costume Vivica -> Seshat -> Morgan Le Fey

Marjana could be subbed in for Zim if you wanted another sniping option:
Marjana -> Kingston -> Costume Vivica -> Seshat -> Morgan

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will hold the cleric emblems on Regard(+19) and Hansel(+18) since they are the main players on purple and green teams but piling all new ones to Vivi. Still getting use to the idea on main healer being my tank. So use to putting healers in the wings during attack. Yes attack and def are completely different.

with the Grave out there so frequently using the cleaner buff of Zim is real nice.

Guvor, Wed is a very busi game day, war,challenger, and 3tourney but in the shower your idea of king, sestet, c-Viv, Zim, morgan made sense. The BUT was how to get there and lose war and challenges since Hansel can really kick that but AND it a major part of my green team(c-Meledorn and Evelyn). When the King grows up and take the emblem would that be a fair change for +18 Hansel? If it is have I loss reality of striping Hansel than to add to c-Vivi to get through those two 125 emblem level using an def/attck route. that could get c-Vive from +6(767,746,1532) to +11(785,785,1574). If there are any cleric emblems putting them back on Hansel since 4’s are cheaper to build out.

I switched Zim and Seshat to try to debuf the target. then my purple team would be c-Regard+20, Seshat+9 and then Khiona+1?? or would maxed level Sartana or panther be better against yellow titians/tanks(?? Quien)

That would mean leaving G-panther at 4-80

Not 100% sure I understand all the questions in here but:

  1. No I don’t think that stripping the emblems from Hansel will DIRECTLY cause you to lose lots of battles/ raids or whatever… If you want you can leave them on him & just put new ones on Vivica

  2. Yes, switching Zim & Seshat CAN make a difference. Reason many put Zim on the left is to a) cleanse your team of any debuffs/ effects and b) to give an attack buff before your snipers on the right side.

  3. As I said, I would be using Seshat as your purple on defence.

  4. Purple team I would run with Seshat, G. Panther & C. Rigard. Khiona can drop down to the second team as you already got an attack buff from Rigards costume.

Hope that makes sense.

makes sense, This game plays on our greed and impatience.

So if the cleaner goes first, the other can hit harder, correct? assume there is no repost up.

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