Who hits harder? Lia or cSarta?

Will costumed Sartana be the hardest hitter from now on?

Both cards have different stats. Who’s the most damaging sniper now?

Lianna’s probably still better for raw damage but costume Sartana’s beefy health/defense stats make her more effective in the modern meta.

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Lianna is still hitting harder so C. Joon is still strongest sniper in game

You can see that ranking of snipers here Ranking of the best hitters (snipers) to May 2020


Sartana + Costume Bonus does the most overall damage (including DoT).

Of the direct damage, Lianna with Costume Bonus does the most direct sniping damage of the two :slight_smile:



Highest percentage doesn’t mean to have the highest damage.

But she has a higher headgear :wink:

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Would normal Lianna with costume bonus and normal Sartana with costume bonus be better on defense team? How about Magni?

I’m leaning towards Sarta without and Lia with dress.

Mag definitely iced up.


Edit: Sorry had the DoT on magni not sartana.


I think I will use Costume Magni instead of normal Magni with costume bonus on defense team due to higher defense stat. Also the ice up version just looks sick. :laughing:
I’m leaning towards Costume Sartana on defense team despite the greater overall damage from normal Sartana with costume bonus. I think having a more powerful snipe is more important on defense than DOT that can be cleansed. I’ll test them out more once I max the costumes.