Best snipers in the game?


If Lianna is the #1 sniper in the game. Who is the #2 sniper?


i would say joon, magni hits hard too though. either one can zap a hero from a lot of health to death



Sartana is lights out also…She is right up there with Joon and Magni. Marjana can also one hit…


To funny! I was about to say Alasie, when you posted her! I do own her & she’s fantastic!


In my opinion : Gravemaker is the King of E&P then Alasie … Marjana Lianna etc


GM is not a sniper. Snipers are one hit with max damage and may have secondary effects, but the damage is almost purely from the first hit whereas GM is burn over time

  1. Lianna, 2. Joon, 3. Alasie


All of the fast elemental snipers are pretty good and within striking distance of each other ability-wise:


I would say Alasie is a beast in the HOTM camp.


both of these hit harder than alasie and sartana. does put magni ahead of joon unless u consider snipers single target fast mana hitters that are usually wing position, because magni is more of a flank


Well glad i have theses two recently from my TC 20.

i also have Khiona, is slower but have an additional attack buff. that makes me 3 snipers.


Considering raw damage alone :

1. Lianna,
512% *729 = 3,732.48 

2. Joon,
468%*741 = 3,467.88 

3. Alasie,
462%*739 = 3,414.18 
462%*739*1.05 = 3,584.889 

4. Magni,
420%*793 = 3,330.6

5. Sartana,
458%*694 = 3,178.52 

6. Marjana,
458%*669 = 3,064.02 

Alasie before elemental link is 3rd place, after elemental link(her link last 6 turns, so it is likely for her consecutive shots will be fired while the link is active) has bump her to second place.


King Arthur is the best once he self-improve his sniperability, even with his average special’s speed


nice i was,just going by face value hoping someone else would do the math since i didnt have time when i posted. valid points and thanks


@koko That’s really interesting. Thanks for that. Would you be able to show us further how defence stats would affect the damage? Use Richard at full ascension and 817 DEF as an example. I’ve always been interested in damage calculation. Ignore troops for the example.


You can refer to this thread on how to calculate damage :



Hmmm… master lepus skill point no 2 something wrong -20% defense for him self


The ultimate kamikaze sniper. Like him but couldn’t get him during Easter. :laughing:


I vote for Drake. Triple hit with equal damage. Makes him highest total damage. :joy: