Who hits harder... Joon or Ureaus?

Current yellow team: Poseidon, C Vivica, Siff, Malosi, Onatel. Reserves, Rana. I’m one dart off having mats… who should I be working on?

Joon definitely. If you have his costume even better.

I use both in my mono yellow but Joon takes priority.

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Joon costume hit harder than Uraeus but Uraeus hit harder than normal Joon.


Uraeus hits harder, but is slower.

Joon fast, and blind.
Uraeus average, hits harder, gives everyone a minion (around 70hp) heals himself when his minion dies, gives extra dot against heroes with minions.

I still love my joon, just because he is fast and against some Aoe heroes the blind effect can help you survive. Uraeus on the other hand is great against minion deffs, which are everywhere at the moment. If you have a yellow lvl 23 manatroop I would probably make Uraeus first, but both are great


I like my Joon more than my Uraeus but… how is your emblem’s situation? Could you ascend any of them or just one, for starters?

@FraVit93 Sorcerer emblems currently used by Krampus & LOTL. Monk by Bera & Skadi. Also working on Elizabeth,

Id say to not ascend Joon then, his emblem’s queue is pretty long.

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I have costume Joon at +9 and Uraeus at +18 both emblemed on attack paths. Even with the emblem disadvantage, Joon still hits for about 50 hp harder. I don’t ever use monk Joon so I can’t say for sure on that one.

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Costumed Joon is fast, hits a bit harder and deals a nerfed blind, but only to a single target.

Uraeus is average (but can be pseudo fast if supported by a level 23 mana troop or a level 11 mana troop if fully emblemed) , hits hard to a single target, summons minions as his Element Link, has a couple of immunities, as well as also dealing sand damage to all enemies that have minions, which is good against minion summoners.

I have costumed Joon unemblemed (my monk emblems are with Rana+20, Drake+19, LI Xiu+19, and several 3* heroes). I have a second Joon, both plain and costume at 3/70 but didn’t bother to fully ascend him. I am working on my Uraeus, currently at 4/69. I have enough emblems to fully ascend him after I strip my Skittle+19 of her talents (my other sorcerer emblems are with Mitsuko+20 but I don’t need to strip her of emblems). The HOTM will be very useful in my 2nd monoyellow sniper team.

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