Who has NoT limit broken any 5-Star Hero yet !?

Now that 5 rounds of Omegas are done & with ICE repeat error, everyone has got enough 5* Aethers to LB at least one 5-Star ICE hero for sure…

I have limit broken : FriGG, Gazelle, LoLo (in that order)
waiting for one :fire: & of course, the now-to-be-enforced-Dark Aethers !

Who hasn’t limit broken any 5-Star & What is your reason / plan ?!

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


I haven’t. Because I’m a new player who has yet to level any 5*s, this is only my 2nd omega quest I’ve been able to participate in at all, and my team isn’t strong enough to complete the final level of the quest anyhow yet.

My plan? Keep growing.


I have enough to break blue, red, and yellow but have not. Waiting to see how things shake out for those who have broke 5* heroes. Too rare to make a mistake.
Morel for me is pretty solid of a choice for blue though…might just pull the trigger on him soon anyways.


I’m in the same boat for pretty much the same reason. I’ve LB’d a 3* and two 4*'s so far and I’ve been happy with the results.

There are a few 5*'s I’m considering so I’ll probably pull the trigger in November.

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I haven’t. I’ll have enough blue today to do it, but … not a priority.

Somehow, it seems I didn’t finish the other 3. Probably related to reduced play time while moving across the country.

And, I have yet to be blessed with any 5* aethers from events and such.


i have about 6 or 7 heroes limit broken, and they’re all 3* heroes. they’re mainstays for my tournament teams, both offense and defense, so they were obvious because Aether Is are relatively easy to replace and because getting a 3* hero from 50 to 55 is really cheap, especially if you just use 2* feeders.

there are two main reasons i haven’t yet limit broken a 5* hero:

  1. it’s too resource intensive for (as far as i can tell) minimal benefit. Mr. Spock’s videos that show an AOE hitter and a sniper have convinced me to hold off until i reach a point where my heroes are considerably underpowered to able to take out fully limit broken defenses, and i’m nowhere near there yet. heck, i haven’t even taken a single 5* hero to +20 on the talent tree for similar reasons: marginal benefit for enormous resource cost and huge opportunity cost; that +20 node alone is worth an entire 3* hero’s talent tree + 17 additional emblems!!

  2. speaking of resource intensive, i’m banking food right now to focus on leveling troops when the next Ninja Tower comes around. i exhausted all my troop feeders from HA4 and HA6, so now i’m just stuffing the Alchemy Lab full and saving any and all food bundles that come from the seasonal offers and Path of Valor. i might not limit break a 5* hero until i get a set of troops to level 23; we’ll see.

another thing i want to point out: in Mr. Spock’s and Empires and Puzzles Books’ most recent conversation about the pace of new content, Spock made the point of how SG prices Aether IIIs similarly to 4* ascension mats when the benefit of using them is vastly different. getting your 4* ascension materials makes a hero viable while Aether IIIs add a few stat points.

as an example, my 3.70 Russell is currently 668/621/1111. at 4.80, he’ll be 795/739/1322, a change of 127/118/211 to base stats. limit breaking would add, what, 60/60/100? it’s just not the same impact, especially when you consider it’s a much higher percentage increase from the 3.70 stats to max (127/668 = 19%) compared to the 4.80 stats to limit break max (60/795 = 7.5%, assuming my estimate is correct).

not worth it right now.


I have now done my first 5* hero today ….Krampus
I get lots of aethers in my rewards loot but unfortunately those 5* aethers are being really elusive lol.
Waiting in the wings are Frigg, Elizabeth and Costume Joon … no idea about purple (dark) yet.
Good luck everyone


Good share & like your enthusiastic words. Wish you well for growing in the game & the FuN growing !


I have limit broken LoLo as I use him a lot & his increased stats due to LBs give him better survivability & power to the special he copies.

While I don’t have him, Morel is a good hero for long period play & deserving candidate for LBs from what I have seen in my alliance & teams I face in raids / wars !

Good luck with your decision !


Because of a prolonged absence from the game I have not. So many new heroes, so many new events. And also new leveling that requires even rarer ascension materials. Lol, just enjoying the company of friends and playing.

Hoping the game remains fun to play.

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I’m just breaking 3 and 4*.

With this quest I have 11 of my 12 blue 3* done and some 4*. I have enough 5* aethers to break 3 heros, but the math to me is that I’d much rather break many lower heros than a single 5*

Once my 3* roster and my key 4* are done then I’ll consider starting on my most key 5* heros.


Not me, but soon. My first LB will be Margaret

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Now that I have enough ice aethers, I think I’m going to LB Master Lepus. I lucked out and got both him and Finley early this year. I like them both a lot, but Lepus is a little more fun this year. As for 4*, I love my Sonya and am probably going to LB her, as well.

All in all, I think I am unlikely to give aethers to my heroes who I use primarily on defense. More enjoyable to see active heroes using the power-up.

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I have not broken a 5* yet… the pressure not to make a mistake on who to LB is unbearable. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I have broken cKiril tho…


me, but I think I will break Vela soon


I could break heroes in green, yellow and blue.

Only one I used was blue for skadi. For me that was clear from the beginning, every single hp more damage is important with her so a no brainer for me.

Yellow and green I’m not sure who I should break, so I began with 3* and 4* heroes. Maybe with the next quest and some good breaked rare and epic heroes I will choose one 5* there.

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I made a grave mistake. I had 1 5* Nature aether before the Nature Aether event came out. When I completed that quest, I quickly broke Frigg. I was so damn excited because she was my first 5* limit broken hero.

Then, I went to break one of my 4*, namely Jack O’Hare, and that was when I saw that red number and reality hit me hard. I didn’t have enough 4* aethers to break him. Had enough to break Grevle, Noril and Shrubbear, but not enough for Jack.


Same here, several 3* limit broken, and only jackal as 4*.

I’ll break gefjon as soon as the red quest pop, for other colors I don’t have strong Heroes that would not become obsolete in a few months

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I haven’t used a single aether yet. As so often, I can’t make up my mind. (I also have enough emblems for one 5* for almost every class.) :roll_eyes: I’m still waiting and observing. :face_with_monocle:


Broke a number of 4* and 3*. Have Aethers to break a 5* blue. Have cMagni at 1/1. Preferred not to at the moment. The 4* teams win a lot on offense anyway, and are far cheaper to max out.

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