Who has NoT limit broken any 5-Star Hero yet !?

I’m green of envy :)))

I have just limit broken Cobalt myself. I have 5* Aethers to lb a Fire, a Nature and a Holy hero. But I am not convinced by any of the the heroes I have maxed yet.

On the 4* front I am generally very satisfied: Caedmon, Kiril, Sonya, Mist, Gullinbursti are used very often. The only ones with whom I might have rushed into it are Colen and Scarlett, whom I don’t use that often.


I accidentally Limit broke Ureaus and am in the process of levelling him up. Annoyingly he was the only 5* hero I had enough Ethers for…

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The only heroes I’ve limit broken:

I have enough to break a blue, green, and yellow 5 star but I just can’t pick. I had a hard time when emblems first came out committing to using those, lol.

Blue: Krampus, cobalt, bobo, C Isarnia
Green: Quenell, Evelyn, c Lianna, c Alberich (at 3-70 Toxicandra, Francine, garjammal)
Yellow: Professor, Sif, C Joon, Devana (at 3-70 Mica, Neith)

I guess I’m stuck on if I should go for a family bonus (ninjas), defense heroes, or the ones I offensively raid with. I want to do the ones I use on offense, but I’m scared I’ll regret the choice.

Edit: and now with the hotm families (which I really like!) I’m even more torn. Do I field a full defense of past hotm’s rockin the magenta stripe?


That purple rotation miss on purpose… Didnt u understand yet, they want us to purchase aethers…Sg thinks we are stupid but thank u to turn myself and tones of others to turn into f2p…This stupid game doesn’t deserve my money anymore

“Yawn” so the money crib arrives on this thread & why am I not surprised seeing your name…

Still your allegation is INCORRECT bcoz, I haven’t purchased any Aether deal till now = I am sure many players haven’t !
Have already got enough A5s : Holy, Nature, Dark to LB the moment next Omega of that colour happens. I got all these free via the game :grinning:

  • Another hole :fire: in your argument is : till now, none of the deals will give enough dark aethers to LB a Dark 5*.
  • Clash of Knights has given away a LOT of Aethers, especially via RnG mode = Game has increased avenues to get Aethers & RnG ended up giving Aethers to players across the play spectrum which I am sure you have read on multiple threads…

Do you have any point connected to the OP or only money issues to talk about ! :thinking:


Haven’t bought a single aether offer.

In dark, I have 1 aether iii, 3 aether ii, and 9 aether i (left after I LB Maeve). That’s just from playing the game and not ranking particularly high in challenge events or alliance quest. I enjoy raid tournaments but don’t pay the 75 gems to continue.

It’s a relatively stingy drop rate but I can live with it. It’s frankly expected when it comes to EnP. Besides, like the others posting here, I’m quite enjoying LBing 3 stars. Gives them a new versatility.


I haven’t LB anyone, just cuz of rarity and i haven’t had trouble dealing w/ LB teams, with up to 4 LB (i.e. lineup c-kadilen, morel, elizabeth, lidenbrock). there isn’t a reset thing, so really just being extra cautious. My blues choices would be Lord Loki or Russula.

I also am not sure if the best bet is to put it on a defensive line hero, or one that has way more utility in raids, events, and things like that. i mean, i use the heros on my D line in offensive situations a lot, but they aren’t the first choice for that color (i.e. frigg, bera … i have wolfgang on my D and he’s becoming a first choice over gazelle and motega though).

Also, w/ the rate they’re releasing heros and events, just think it’s moving to fast and would put on a hero that is quickly outdated… my alliance isn’t a top one, but we’re following the top alliance leads w/ the no spend and slow down. it’s just getting crazy, there is little time to figure out the new heros, synergies, and utility


I didn’t buy either. Why should I when I can’t decide what to do with those I’ve already received for free? :wink:


No plans yet, I can break 2 blues legends, 1 green and 1 yellow.
But my blue options are ordinary - Frieda, C Thorne, Isrania, Rumple and Alex.
I will eventually do C Thorne, and see if i get krampus or penguin this dec. Else Frieda will get the other set.
Green my only option is LOTL as she is my mainstay in wars and raid defense. Again no hurry.
Yellow my only option is Joon. He is too weak to survive battles even at +20. So I may do him.
If i get purple i will do Dr Mor. He will be good with his stat at +20

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Nothing broken yet. What’s the rush?


I have yet to limit break any 5* despite my ability to LB a red, holy and now blue hero. With all the new heroes coming out I am waiting to see my luck in acquiring a no brainer hero to limit break.

For example in Holy I was going to limit break Odin but pulled Wolfgang. NOw leaning towards Wolfgang.

For blue do I do Krampus who is in my war defense, LoLoki like you or Milena who is a beast?

For red Elizabeth or Garnett or Octros? Until they give us aether resets I will be loathe to use them just in case my luck allows me to pull the newest and shiniest.

I also suspect they will open up another tier of Limit breaking at some point soon where it will really start to impact the strength of these heroes in a more tangible way. Would hate to have misapplied my aethers when that does happen as I will then want them going on my strongest at that moments time.

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I haven’t yet as I just finished the second Ice quest.

Most likely will be LB’ing Ariel or Athena shortly – those being my best two options in blue. Question is whether I finish off Valeria first or set her aside for now.

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I can’t see them ever allowing limit break resets, any more than they allow cape or scope resets. Aethers are just ascension mats. Once a hero is ascended, it’s ascended, and there’s an end to it. Frustrating, but logical IMO.

I have options to LB currently with Blue, Green, and Yellow.

I don’t think I’m going to within the next few months because of the pace of change.

CKad was going to be my green
Morel vs Cobalt for blue (technically Krampus as well, but he does his job just fine at +20)
Sif vs Uraeus vs Roostley are yellow options. None of which I honestly like.
Elizabeth will likely get LB when I get that elusive red. She will be the one I am not hesitant to pull the trigger on.
Purples… I guess alfrike is a solid candidate.

Regardless, I only feel fairly strongly about LB Elizabeth and the rest I feel like I should wait for the meta change (and this statement even makes me hesitant to LB Elizabeth now that I utter those words, lol!)

As far as LB heroes go:

Several others I can’t remember off-hand. But I do see significant value in LB 3s and 4s heroes


I agree with you on that. It’s just wishful thinking on my part and more reason to sit and wait and see what the medium to long term game is with the aethers and what the next level of limit breaking looks like and when they open up that avenue. My guess is sooner rather than later seeing how much they are flogging the sale of the aethers.

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I was like others here ready to wait but then I realised that if I don’t use them now I lose the advantage I get in the short term. My LB Lepus has been great for me and I’m so glad I did him a while back even if I have since wondered whether I should have broken morel.

Now, it’s not that long and I’ve got the second set of blues to break morel too - if I had waited, I wouldn’t have had the benefit of Lepus for that time in between

Others may see things different, but generally i know how well my levelled 5s work so it’s less of a risk than the final ascension where you can’t fully test heroes at 3.70


I don’t see any benefit to waiting myself. I can wait, wistfully hoping for a great hero I likely (as f2p) will not get, or I can LB the heroes I have and use on a regular basis. For the last while my main sources of 5* have been TC20 and HA10. I have never pulled an event or seasonal 5* from the portal. I am sporadic at best with HOTM’s. Best to make full use of the heroes I have.


I’m just straight not good enough? My plan is to get better. :laughing:


i would recommend to limit break 3* and 4* first. i limit broke two 5*, but 3* and 4* gain the most benefit from LB especialy since we have more 3* and 4* events and than 5.


I haven’t as yet got enough for blue green yellow…
Milena is prob top of the list for blue… Green and yellow im not sure as yet…
Not in any rush got a few 4* and a few 3* id prob do first but need to level a couple of other hero’s normal before that…