Who gets the darts? Thank you!

Hoping to get some advice and this forum has been great. Appreciate the advice on if darts should go to:

Guardian Gazelle
Drake Fong
White Rabbit
Zhuge Liang

I already have Sif, Aouda, Mica, cLeonidas and Devana maxed out.

Thank you!

Any costumes among them?

Keep in mind, I don’t have about 1/2 of those heroes… But, my opinion would be Gazelle.

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without knowing your roster:

1, Eloise
2. Wolfgang
3. Gazelle
4. Zuge
5. White Rabbit
6. Joon
7. Vivica

Happy gaming


She’s still one of the best heroes in this entire game… offensive monster. So less you prioritize defense - the one facet of the game she doesn’t excel in - she’s for sure your gal (trust me)!


You got Miki? If you do, i woukd choose one from Gazelle / Wolfgang.
If you dont have Miki, Gazelle for sure.

Depends on what you want heres a poll for you.

  • Zhuge Liang
  • White rabbit
  • Vivica
  • Guardian Gazelle
  • Eloise
  • Joon
  • Wolfgang
  • drake fong

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How many derts do you have?

No costumes unfortunately

Thanks for the poll. Looking for an offensive player for Wars and Titans.

Wolfgang would be my choice. He is a stud. AOE and overheals your team. Gazelle would be second, but wolfy would be my main pick

Eloise is great against all the minions gazelle buffs your team. Wolfgang is tough.

Nice set of heroes to choose from. Without knowing your roster or what you need most or you position with emblems- on paper I would pick Guardian Gazelle first followed quickly by Wolfgang.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

Wolfgang but only if you have other members of Wolf family, especially Ludwig. In all other instances I would do Gazelle first. If you lack Miki/Tarlak then I would ascend Gazelle first even if above condition for Wolfgang applies.

Eloise hits hard but you have Devana for minion handling.

I like Wolfgang out of those options… Gazelle if you pair her with skadi.