White Rabbit or Vivica Costume for max emblems?

What would you guys choose? asking for overall gameplay. Raids, Wars Titans etc…

No other context, I’d say White Rabbit


White Rabbot for sure! He’s great to use in raids, tournaments, challenge events and wars! Then if you don’t get any of the Yellows from the Starfall event, you can look to level costume Vivica.

I have both max, and now both with emblems.

I decided first vivi c, at that time I didn’t had a lot of 5* healers, and no big manatroop, but with emblems (4% mana node) costume bonus and a lvl 17 manatroop you get her charged at average speed. So that was my main reason why I choose vivi c first. And her def down is a little bit better for titans.

White Rabbit is also great, so he was the very next project in the class, but I only use him for pvp offense where vivi c is a little bit more versatile for me.


both are great heros, take the faster one

In most facets of the game, you almost always bring a healer. That role is filled by costumed Vivica, who, unlike White Rabbit, her defense debuff affects all enemies regardless of formation. With the right emblems and troops, and probably heroes, her mana speed can still be improved.

I don’t have either tho.

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