Which to level

Should I level up marjana or costume Elena?

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I would go for Elena because of costume bonus

Marjana, all the way! She is a good fast sniper and much more useful then C. Elena

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I’d vote costume Elena too BUT if you don’t have any red snipers and you’re already inundated with riposte heros, then Marj … It all depends on your hero roster :thinking:.


Maybe this helps

  • Marjana - no costume
  • Costume Elena

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Thanks guys! I have mack that is maxed and a non leveled boril so I was leaning heavily towards marjana but I am not confident when it comes to 5* heros

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Personally, uncostumed s1 heroes are a big no-no so, I would never again level up one after I did Magni mistake.
So, no costume, no mats is a general rule of thumb for s1 5* unless you are total F2P with no free coin perspective.

is your normal elena maxed already? If not i would go Marjana first she is still a good choice.

Hi :panda_face:
It is not possible to help you pick.
We would need more information like who your other red heroes are so we can see the speeds, also your entire roster to see who works better with your other heroes. Those are two totally different red heroes. One is a meh sniper that is fast, and might help if you have Wilbur and guardian falcon on a war team.
The other is slow but also not very tanky. She’s really only good for rush granted having the costume helps a lot. But we’d also need to know what your troops are at and which ones you have leveled.

I recommend you post some of your roster or go ahead and fill out a

Then i can vote :two_hearts::panda_face::+1:

Marjana is a very good hero, plus the sniper. But the Elena costume is also very good. I have it in attack it’s very high, I use it in raid attacks, titan, it’s not bad in defense either. I recommend Elena c