Which sorcerer?

Hi everybody,

New day, new dilemma.

Styx gave me Hypnos, and I’m currently maxing Garnet (4/79 at this moment). Both are excellent red 5* but serve radically different purposes.
However emblems and aethers are a bit limitating as always. I could max one (including LB) and let the other at +11 waiting for next emblems/aethers.

So… which one would you max +19 and then LB ? The health booster or the buff remover ?

My red roster :

  • Octros +19 LB
  • Lewena +18
  • Elizabeth +20 LB
  • Black Knight +20 LB
  • Gefjon +19
  • Marjana-C +18
  • Lady Loki +0
  • Queen of Hearts +18
  • Grazul +8
  • Red Hood +0
  • Garnet
  • Hypnos

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So Hypnos seems to be the clear winner. Thank you everybody !

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I would happily trade my garnet for hypnos. I hardly ever use her.

Well she is currently my only red 5* healer so she will be useful for a long time I guess.

Just a heads up, having just limit broken Garnet and bringing her to +19 from +11 because, she was not so sturdy in wars with players with developed rosters.

She is not bad, but can die rather easily, so a second healer would be quite useful.

This being said, I still think Hypnos is much more relevant in the current meta.

I use Garnet plenty and I haven’t limit broken her. My only 5* red healer and she goes into many raids with me. I went with health & defense nodes when embleming her and she seems to be sturdy enough without the LB.
Haven’t used Hypnos but he seems deadly and is probably the Styx hero I want the most. I would use him at a bit before deciding if he’s worth the limit break but I get the feeling he will be.

Whatever you decide I hope it works out for you.

Game Well! :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:

Garnet is being slept on in this thread. Top notch healer and ailment blocker. Bring her against Alfrike every time.