Sorcerer Emblem Dilemma (also the Tank)

Hello there, I’m a relatively young player of this game and still building up my roster, and here is the list of my usable 5-star heroes for defense team:

  • Red: Zimkitha, PIB, Vanda
  • Blue: Magni, Athena, Glenda, Raffaele
  • Green: Lianna+15, Tarlak (really bad luck in pulling great green heroes…)
  • Yellow: Odin+18, Joon+18, Sif, Vivica
  • Purple: Ursena+16, Alfrike, Sartana-C, Clarissa

Recently, I luckily pulled Krampus and Garnet, really really exited!!
Unfortunately, they’re both Sorcerer class and just the same as my current tank, Ursena, OUCH. :sweat:

Since currently I cannot afford two or more Sorcerer class heroes to be in my defense team, I’m here looking for some advice from your wisdom:
Considering my current roster and the current meta, who would you suggest to be my tank deserving the Sorcerer emblems, and based on that, which ones would you pick as my raid/war defense team?

Thanks very much. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Some of my ideas would be:

Magni-Ursena-Garnet-Odin-Lianna or Sartana-C - Magni-Garnet-Odin-Lianna
Sartana-C - Zim-Krampus-Odin-Lianna
or the old fashion: Joon-Zim-Ursena-Magni-Lianna :joy:

If your alliance uses purple for tanking in wars, then maintain your Ursena and place her to at least +19. She is by far your best purple tank since you cannot allocate paladin emblems to Clarissa by reason that they are with your Odin. Alfrike would be a good purple tank but only in very fast wars.

But if your alliance is lenient enough to allow its players to have their war tanks to be of a different element which has a hero ideal serving as tank (even though it is not ideal) then by all means, change your tank. So far, a fully emblemed Garnet or Black Knight flanked to the left by a highly or fully emblemed Frigg and flanked to the right by a highly or fully emblemed costumed Kadilen or Odin. At the wings are heroes punishing enough like Cobalt/Finley and Killhare/Onyx/Jabbawock. Some players tend to have Garnet tanking taking advantage of the ninja family bonus (chance of dodging specials and tiles/regular attack as well as minor counterattack) when accompanied by Cobalt and Onyx at the wings and flanked by Frigg and costumed Kadilen/Odin. That is the emerging meta in its attempt to replace the former ideal GTV defense core. You need to put this into consideration and perspective.

As for Krampus, we rarely see them on raid defense on the upper diamond tier maybe because Krampus is still relatively new, or that not so many players have already maxed him if they happen to snag him from this xmas portal, or that players are still testing other heroes ideally best accompanied by Krampus and check their defensive synergy. So far, I don’t have any apprehension of him tanking or any other blue heroes for that matter. My main monogreen team is vegan enough to defeat them. Who knows, maybe in a month or two, we may be seeing a full switch of the current meta.

At any rate, your roster is still young. You need to have more heroes maxed and emblems to activate talents. Expand your heroes by getting more and leveling the ideal ones. You can’t really compete with the most elite players with all their prized heroes and troops in their possession and emblems obtained from all sources. There is still no war or raid defense hero setup too strong to be insurmountable by the pesky attackers. What matters the most is the board and how you manipulate them to your advantage, and having fun while playing this game.

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Wow! Thank you for your insightful suggestion. Really appreciate your words.

I’ve also seen the ninja family flanked with Frigg fasion while continuously oversving the raid ranking. But I’m no whales and also realized from my several months experience that it doesn’t seem worthy (for me) to chase some specific heroes with a lot of money spent in a mobile game. So I might stop pulling for a while, keep working on my current roster and test out what synergies these heroes could have with each other.

By the way, I see Krampus a greater hero in offense than in defense-- he protects his ally with his taunt and minions, and even boosts up attacks. Could be good for Titan and event quests, too.

I might switch my tank to Garnet once I get her fully leveled to see how it works, though I also like Ursena and Alfrike very much. :wink:

Might be able to protect your other heroes, but he has low attack stat and doesnt really do something against the titan that is impactful on the scoring department. Besides, he will just summon minions during titan battles that they take away precious time doing their animation and minute damage when that precious time could have seen good use on tile play. Remember, against titans, what’s more damaging are the tiles, not the heroes damaging skills.

+50% attack is way better than red or purple banner. So, he is normal against titan.

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I totally missed that. My apologies. But still his minions will get in the way. Besides, i already have my best red titan lineup: Miki - Frida - Athena - Vela (over 800 attack stat) - Ariel (for healing and mana regen thus less battle items) or Jott (if I want to break over 200k in a single hit using battle items).

Edit: Now thinking of it, he may replace my Vela. Krampus fires after Miki, then Frida then Athena. Jott would be there for timing the tiles and battle items.

Vela is also good against Titan. I do not know, who is better - Jott or Vela.

My blue team: Vela, Krampus, Nordri, Magni-C, Wu.

Im on your same boat. I have a +18 Ursena who is the tank in my watchtower. I have a Garnet and pulled a Krampus. I cant say i dont like a full emblemed Garnet but i dont have Frigg to support her so im not even considering stripping my Ursena to give the emblems to Garnet.

Ursena is still one of the best purples around
So useful in offense/defense or against titans.

Try to slowly embleming your Garnet with new emblems and let your Ursena alone is my advice.

And regarding Krampus, i think hes not a priority, at least not for us who has better sorcerer options. (Unless your alliance go blue tank, then you can consider start embleming Krampus)

This is my current defense.

Its not the best or optimal def i know but works fine. I have tried combinations with a rainbow team with Francine instead of Clarissa but not matter what i do everytime i put Francine i go down to 2400.

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Quick review and considering emblems, I think you should stick with Ursena tank with Odin as a flank. Two great heroes at optimal locations. As for the rest, I like your Zim-Magni-Ursena-Odin-Lianna setup.

That being said…lol…I’m currently running Garnet^20 as my defense tank and loving it. I would never have had emblems for her if I had Ursena though. My best sorcerer before getting Garnet was Morgan Le Fay. Ursena is such a great hero and legit tank option, I could never see resetting her. But if you did (don’t) a team of C_Sartana-Magni-Garnet-Odin-Lianna would be nice. Similar thought with Krampus who I see as your third best tank option. Maybe C_Sartana-Zim-Krampus-Odin-Lianna? Nah. In a vacuum, I like the Garnet tank setup the best, but as I said above I just can’t see that much more value than the Ursena setup you can do the most easily.

Long way around to agreeing with your own first suggestion. Lol.

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I’m liking your defense! Zim-Magni-Ursena-Odin-Lianna would scare the hell out of me!

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I would choose garnet. Not only she works great on defense but also on offense.

A healer is always needed everywhere

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To be honest the most troubesome teams i face have no healers… Maybe the tank is…

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