Poll for 2LB

Need help, which one better to 2lb
Red : Serandite, Hathor, Barkley
Yellow : Hachiko, Ogima, Erlang, LaoHu

only can 2lb for 1 hero

Right now only Aramis already got 2lb

Thank you guys


  • Hathor
  • Serandite
  • Barkley
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  • Hachiko
  • Ogima
  • Erlang
  • Laohu
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Thanks for the poll :two_hearts: :two_hearts:

Red just has to be Hathor. I hate seeing her on the opponent team. Real PITA.

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I have aramis on def, so will not put her on def too. Right now focus for def first. Hathor is a beast when pair with Ludwig. And Unfortunately, I dont have Ludwig.

I initially voted for Hathor but changed to Barkly. With the limited resources for 2LB, I think it’s more versatile to limit break an attacker rather than a healer. So I’m not gonna 2LB any healer soon.


Exactly my thinking! So I voted for Barkley!

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