Which raid defense is scarier?

Totally a 1st world problem here I know but I’m trying to craft a strong raid defense team that has no class repetition. My old defense had 3 Wizard class so I’ve been restructuring.

Currently I have Zeline, Hel, Marjana, Poseidon and Ariel.

My options to have 5 different classes would be

Zeline, Seshat, Marjana, Poseidon and Ariel or
Alberich, Hel, Marjana, Poseidon and Ariel.

I could also entertain Evelyn or Morgan La Fey in greens.

Want to go rainbow and those are my best choices in the colors and classes. Thoughts?

I could also toss Atomos in the mix as a Barbarian who would buff Ariel and Poseidon due to Atlantis family defense boost

i lean to

Seshat - Hel - Poseidon - Ariel - Zeline


Seshat - Hel - Ariel - Zeline - Poseidon

Thanks but neither of those is useful as I want a rainbow team and I can only have either Hel OR Zeline not both as they’re both wizards

Alberich - Marjana - Ariel - Hel - Poseidon


well i answered based on your question , “scarier” for me :laughing:

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I could also add Lianna as a green sniper if that changes things ?

Haha, indeed that would be scary

I think you have to start with Alby on the left side and build out from there. He’s the most useful defender in the game, imo.

And also, you don’t have to go rainbow - if your corners are strong vs your tank’s likely opponent stack.

Ie, if you had Gravy (or Marj since you have her) at tank you could run greens on the outside as if the opponent runs extra blue vs the tank they are weak vs your ends. If they try to stack vs your ends it’s hard to get tiles back there early game and they’re weak va your tank.

Alby / Poseidon / Marj / Hel / Lianna would be my starting position.

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Nice heroes but no top tank among them, I know because I have the same heroes too cept for zeline.

Tbh, your heroes are more than adequate, staying in diamond or having more defense wins will depend more on your heroes’ class lvl and troops lvls.

I like @FraVit93 suggestion but try a week with hel, then another with Seshat to see if one works better.

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Thanks definitely a top possibility though I leave Marjana at tank due to her HP and evade. Ariel I keep in the wing since she’s got 200 less HP and is the only healer in my current defense

I’d normally agree about the tank, since I have a maxed Guinevere but again the Wizard issue. Marjana with all of her emblems and my Crit troops has 800 defense and 1500 HP with her Evade skill she’s a serviceable tank for now

Excellent point. I hadn’t thought of this angle. Sincerely thank you for that idea…does make a ton of sense

This is what I run. Ares isn’t a top 4 tank anymore, but we run Red tanks and I don’t have Gravy, and my Monk emblems are on Drake over Santa (possibly a mistake - not sure)

Keeps me permanently in diamond

Surprising given you only have 2 “hitters” in there. I don’t necessarily go on offensive raids much to keep the diamond status thus my interest in running Seshat over Hel just to have 3 fast snipers, 1 fast AOE and the average heal/mana boost but I’ve completed over thought everything to the point that nothing sounds ideal

I consider Drake a reasonable hitter, and his blind helps a lot.I think Santa may give me more power, but Drake’s a personal fave on defence. And Misandra’s hit plus mana bump helps with Ares second recharge (assuming he gets pass the first). And once he got his 4th or 5th node, I noticed a significant bump in win percentage. I have a feeling/hope that a fully emblemed Ares will be a tough nut to crack for most.

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Without changing anything, this one.

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This is exactly what I was about to do then started having reservations as so many people seem to prefer Hel hands down to Seshat and Hel seems to be the preferred Wizard since Zelines debuff works against the Wizard skill??

Most only see heroes and don’t consider the classes which is a priority for you.

Wizard - Hel/Zeline
Rogue - Marjana
Cleric - Ariel
Ranger - Seshat
Fighter - Poseidon
Druid - Albi
Sorcerer - Morgan

I would put the following if I had your heroes:

Ariel - Zeline - Marjana - Poseidon - Seshat

or replace Zeline with Albi

I am not a big fan of healers in defenses except for Albi and MN.
Having a rainbow team is also less important.

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Ariel might be your best tank frankly. Wish I had her to play around with her.




Hmmm something like those maybe?

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