Which of these is the best raid defense?


Or this:

And I suppose this brings up the question, is it better to have a rainbow defense (defense #1) or a tank of one color and the flanks of the opposing strong color (defense #2)?

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I would pick heroes that have highest health, then combine their features. For def AI gives mana per turn, and it doesn’t care about colors since it doesn’t play with tiles. So I’d say, have 2-3 hitters, and for other - healers or something else fun. And don’t put same color together. Keep in mind that AI shoots heroes from left to right, so put to the left ones you want to shoot first if they can eg first lower opponents def then hit them. Tank healers can go in the middle and I’ve seen 3 in combo that are just unbeatable if you don’t have significantly higher power of the team (more than 300 difference). Fragile healers go in the corners. I saw teams with 3 of the same color, my def team also has double colors, and zero raids so far, and not often hit in war, 1-2 times (TS is around 2.1k, among the lowest in the alliance, so would expect to be targeted more, it must be that my setup annoys people, and I see that somewhat stronger players (with def TS 2.5-2.8) need few waves to kill my def, and that means less opportunity for kill someone else from my team)…

I think that sums up what I gathered in general. Now check what you have, combine their features and pick the strongest combo, and then compose them on the board and don’t put same colours nearby.

I can’t advise for exact heroes, I don’t have comparisons in my head nor enough experience to judge concrete combo.

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Oh, Kiril and Melendor. With 2.1 off I can’t raid 1.8 def that has those two… they’re really troublesome… Others I don’t know…

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I’m not a fan of healer-heavy raid defence teams, although war defence is a different story. But if you wanna go down that road, I would say the second one but with kiril far left to boost defences of those unascended 5*s

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3 healers at that level (mostly 70s) turns yourself into almost an automatic win for anyone with a reasonable bench. they just save up specials and kill your only 2 threatening heroes. My alt with 70s feasts on defenses like that.

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as an example, i just faced this defense.

My board was terrible. So bad against any defense with hitters i would have been done. but i kept pinging, saved up my specials to kill Albi and it was just picking hem off one at a time from there.

I agree with you. I don’t have powerful heroes, and hitting the hitters first usually means victory when attacking team of 3 specials. Even if team is 200-300 points stronger than my off team.

Raid def needs good tank, maybe healer or reflector or whatever, and definitely 2 good hitters, even better with 3. Because I have time to do raid so that means think about the board and plan moves, and I can waste a move or two sometimes.

In war, tank healers or any tank are probably the best IMO, because my off will get hit by revenge arrows as well, so that counts as one ‘hit all’ character.

For me, def from which I run off is that with those characters who split the damage between all of them. Oh boy how hard for me is to kill that team then :confused:

But team that lacks (proper) hitters, or team of less than 5 heroes - that means I’ll be hit just by AI, and my healer usually can make that up, and if you give me empty space, be sure that I’ll use it for gathering mana for my hitters.

And my strongest hero is Grimm 2-37, total team is 2150, so really nothing special, with good tiles I can take down team of 2300. With titan and just using arrows I manage to get 5-8k hit. I’m playing for 20 days now.

Oh and I like to hit with one double color, especially teams who has double color. I even go that far to have only 3 playing color and try my luck. I did manage to get a lot of nice catches so far with one of those strategies :slight_smile:

So definitely don’t put same coloured heroes one by another :slight_smile: