Housekeeping for 3* tourney

I looking for suggestion of which 3*'s to dump and then what to do with the dumps.

Purple Renfeld3-50, Belthazer3-50, Tyrum3-33, then Oberon and 2 G-bats no leveled

Blue: 2Valen 3-50, then Gato, Ulmer and gunner(costume) not level

green Mnesseuss3-50, Belith3-50, Schrubber2-33, then Hisan and Isshtak unleveled

Red Hawkmoon 3-50 w/ 3-48costume, Bauchan3-50,Nashgar3-50, Jahangir2-27, and Rudolph unleveled.

only have two yellows Bane and Gan Ju

I understand what are good for rushes don’t work in the other two. I know I need two healers and two attack hero’s which are likely different for the rush hero’s.

I need the space on the bench. Do i feed the unused other the bigger teams?

Buy some roster space, it’s fun to have variety.

Balth, Tyrum, Gato, Gunnar, Mnesseus, Shrubby, Belith, Bauch, Rudy, Bane, GanJu and maybe Ulmer, Valen, Hisan and Jahangir.

Shrubby, Bauch, Belith, Gato & Tyrum (for being the only rare fast cleanser when dressed) are the most important.

Balth is one of the best rare snipers.

I don’t know about the Bat, didn’t level one, but will. I’m undecided, if it will be worth it.


The only hero I’d get rid of is Renfeld. He, Dawa and Prisca are the 3 3* heroes who are not worth keeping. There is no event or tournament that can make them even remotely useful.

I would say chuck Renfeld and Isshtak. They imo don’t bring any real benefit to the table. Everyone else keep and rainbow feed em too.

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They all have uses

Dawa is a rare rogue for class quests

Ishtaak is great for rush attack against blues.


They might get awesome costumes soon.


How competitive do you want to be for 3-star tournaments? If you aim to just get top 50% I’d say you can live with just 10 slots for 3-star heroes and only put two in each color. This is about all the 3-star you should need to complete every challenge event. Again if you are comfortable with simply collecting the completion rewards and are not trying to compete for ranking.

If you are aiming for top 5% or better on each 3-star tournament then you’d need about 30 slots or 6 heroes in each color. This is assuming you will continue to do some number of pulls in Atlantis, challenge event / costume summonings, etc. Every classic 3-star hero will eventually come your way either through the free summons portal or through a TC20 queue. There are a few classic heroes that are worth keeping if your bench space is limited.

I raid in 3-2 formation and do not have emblems on any 3-star heroes. I’ve placed in top 5% or better in all 3-star tournaments.

Purple: Keep Balthazar, Tyrum and one Bat. You will also need Gil-Ra and Chochin from Atlantis at some point. These latter two are good tanks for purple in any tournament effect. They are also quite useful in on offense in the Rush Attack tournaments. Tyrum is a dispeller, and if you get his costume his cleanse is also very useful. Balthazar is a straight up sniper that will always have a place on an attack team. Bat will be useful on attack teams in all formats. If you eventually do pull Tyrum’s costume, it may be worth getting a 2nd Tyrum because he may very well be on your defense team. If so, his costume will be locked in whatever form is chosen for your tournament defense. Therefore if you want to switch costumes for an attack team, you’d need a 2nd Tyrum.

Blue: Keep one of each Valen, Gato, Ulmer and Gunnar. You might also want a Karil for Rush Attack as his vanilla “hit target + minor damage to nearby” SS damage is a bit more useful when in a trio with Ulmer. Otherwise get a 2nd Gato, a trio of 2 Gatos + Valen is a solid trio in Bloody and Buff tournaments because you can place the Gatos at flank positions on an attack team and use his status ailment immunity cover the whole team. Gunnar is your only really good choice for a blue tank. Level his costume for the stat bump but never use it.

Green: Keep Mnessus, Belith and Hisan. Get a Carver and a Brienne, preferably with her costume. Costumed Brienne is probably a better tank than a Shrubbear because costumed Brienne’s debuff is nasty and scales with each hit. I might even recommend doubling up on Mnessus to get a trio of 2 Mnessus + Hisan for sniping. The sad thing about 3-star raid tournaments is that eventually you will go up against fully emblemed 3-stars on defense and you will need 3 sniper shots to take one of them down. Carver is quite useful in Rush Attack because mana steal / sabotage is the one real advantage in that tournament format. Carver is also a decent tank if you don’t have Brienne’s costume. Shrubbear is a good tank, but sucks at offense. I’m hesitant to even try him in a Ruah Attack offense team as that taunt ability has never been all that useful for me.

Red: Keep Hawkmoon, Bauchan, Jahangir and Rudolph. Add another Bauchan if you get the chance. Well you could also add another Rudolph but that’s like 11 months away. Otherwise get a Namahage or 2. Bauchan is your best tank in all formats. Remember that you will need a trio of snipers eventually. In Rush attack, you might get away with costumed Hawkmoon, Bauchan and Jahangir as your trio and still manage to get a kill or two with one charge of your heroes.

Yellow: Keep Bane and Gan Ju. You will want to add a Pixie, Melia and Kailani. Kailani is your best yellow tank. Pixie is a good SS saboteur and is worth using in all tournament formats. Bane, Melia and Gan Ju / Pixie makes a good trio.


I wouldn’t feed even Renfeld, Dawa and Prisca since they might get a good costume in a few months. I would get more roster space.


well at least I’m well on my way and easy leveling vs my 5’s(in the diamonds). I shot for 10%, hope for 5 but if there is a multistep challenge like a seasonal challenge that might take my daily diamonds, I may let that one slide

it looks like I need more slots on the payroll

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Im keeping all mine 3* few I wanna level but as costumes are being involved, sure it’s worth keeping onto the leveled S1 ones you have leveled already. Take hawkmoon got her maxed if I get her costume I’m not gonna max another hawkmoon I’ll max the costume instead

it was so much easier when there was nothing to do with 3*'s but feed them up. So Im going back and building the 3’s team I use to have before tourneys and challenges. Just don’t want participation trophies. grumble grumble

I honestly prefer heroes that attack all enemies or affect all enemies or heal all allies. I am not a fan of target hitters like Balthazar, Bane, Azar, or Berden. They don’t spread damage fast enough even though their mana generation is fast. Hawkmoon and Belith are your best healers. I like Brienne in costume to lower defense on all enemies. Kailani and Gunnar for damage sharing, which is a pain in the @ss to beat if there’s strong edge healers always healing everybody.

I like Chochin from Atlantis for multiple damage from Dark element to the target and nearby enemies because he has at best average speed. Oberon attacks all enemies with additional poison damage. But dang, if he weren’t so slow.

One from Holy that’s a good get is Melia with a chance at critical hits for four turns. One that I use despite the slowness, is Arman from the Sand Empire because of his ability to diminish healing from all enemies in addition to the damage, which may not be a great choice in 3-star Bloody Battle tourneys where healing has no affect anyways.

Some real SOBs to have to face when fully emblemed are Muggy from Atlantis and Carver. Muggy in non-Bloody Battle tourneys can be very effective with resurrection into Bruiser Bros for all allies, and Carver’s damage to all enemies and 10% mana degeneration to all enemies.

Jahangir’s damage to all enemies and additional burn damage is really nice, but like Oberon, he’s slow. Ulmer is the same way for Ice element.

Fully emblemed with strong defense and attack focus on the grid for Oberon, Jahangir, and Ulmer with Kailani and Belith would be a crapfest to have to face in my honest opinion.

Here is what I usually dish out at most 3-star tourneys minus the 4-star troops, but I always finish Top 5% or better in tournaments that are all elements allowed and not Bloody Battle tourneys:

but would the three slow one be good for a rush

Heck yeah, they would!

Of who you have, Isshtak can go for sure. Conventional wisdom says Renfeld needs to go as well, but you already maxed him, so keep him until you have other purples to replace him. I think, in general, any unlevelled classic can go for now if you really need space and don’t want to buy it. They are called “rare” but they are not rare at all.

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So you end up with a rush and a bloody team and normal takes care of itself.

So the better 3’s r S2, Atlantis and such?

Pretty much. I start to struggle when healing isn’t allowed. Then, I have to pull the healers and resurrection guys, who are only place holders for tiles and do nothing else. That’s when damage sharing and critical hits start to become valuable. I have to weigh the value of the tournament rewards against the emblems it would take to raise other 3-star heroes to “boss” level.

I think so, but Hawkmoon is the best 3-star healer in the game. She’s even stronger than Belith.

Ive got funny clothe that indian. The frustration come that I had may of S1 3’s nicely level but there was nothing to do with them at that time. I try to tell our nebies in the alliance to hold onto them even after they have grown to 4&5’s

There are some decent classic ones, and often Atlantis and Event ones can be better to much better this is true. I’m just saying that classic 3* heroes are not that hard to get, so if there are unlevelled ones that are in your inventory that you don’t plan to work on atm or anytime soon, get rid of them for now, since you say you need space. These rare classics will feel like they show up in more and more excess the longer you play the game. I think you are on the right track in your logic about who you want, like slow for rush attack etc.


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