Which is the best 4star holy season 1 hero

Which is the best 4 star holy hero to level and what is in the next stage in the normal hero summon ( not including any events hero or atlantis summon heroes ) ?


The best 4* holy hero is Jackal, non event or Atlantis I would say Wu Kong.


IMO, in order left to right.
S1: Wu Kong, Chao, Li Xiu, Hu Tao
S2: -
S3: Mist
Event: Jackal, Gretel
Seasonal: -


Wu Kong… there is no alternate :man_shrugging:t2:


I already leveled up wu

Great, what next then? need more fast sniper Chao, need solid tank for Platinum or low diamond Li Xiu.


People hate on Chao, but he’s only bad if you have better fast yellow snipers. So until you get Joon or an event hero, Chao is going to be a key player, moreso than the other niche yellow 4*s.


I vote Chao as well, I would have maxed Chao…Li before Danza, just because I preferred their guaranteed damage and mana cuts.


Another vote for Chao.

Chao’s a fast sniper who does ok damage. His mana cut is a nice bonus on top. He gets overlooked because there are other better heroes; but he has his own value. Plus, in later game, when you get heroes like Guardian Jackal, Chao will be even more powerful. Chao and Li Xiu also make a great team.

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I got lots of good advice on Chao here, albeit it predates emblems.

His ranger class improves his ability as a sniper

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Thanks all for your valuable comments , I’ll go with chao

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